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Day 1 on the Coral Coast

Welcome to the Coral Coast! Upon arrival at the airport, you will go through customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transfer to your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exit immigration. Arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do!

Start off your afternoon taking a stroll around the quaint town of Sigatoka, the town sits at the mouth of the Sigatoka River. The town center features small locally run shops and eateries, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a refreshment while taking in the local life of this island town.

Head to the famous Sigatoka Market where you will find an abundance of vibrant fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally in the Sigatoka Valley known as `Fiji’s Salad Bowl`. Pick up some fresh baked goods to snack on and wander around the market to find the perfect souvenir. Most of the items sold in the market are handmade; you will find authentic hand woven mats, pottery and wood carvings along with pearls and sulus. Take a walk along the river banks and enjoy the fresh island air.

Head over to the Kalevu Cultural Center in Sigatoka Town, an interesting place where visitors can learn about the history and culture of Fiji as well as island life and the traditions of the indigenous Fijians. Catch a live demonstration on the traditional kava making process, lovo cooking, and handicraft making. Tours are also held daily at 9 am and 1 pm.

Alternatively, you can make your way to the Sigatoka Valley, this beautiful area is mostly filled with farms and gardens where the islands fresh produce is grown. The views here are stunning with a patchwork of green fields and colorful fruits and vegetables which give the Valley its nickname `Fiji`s Salad Bowl`. Local villages in the valley specialize in making different products, Lawai village is known for its handicrafts and Nakabuta is famous for pottery.

On your first evening head to one of the luxury resorts featured on the island such as the Gecko Resort. Here you will find a restaurant and bar open to the public, where you can enjoy a traditional Fijian evening under the stars. Enjoy local fresh local cuisine and a `meke` which includes traditional Polynesian dance and Samoan fire dance (held on Friday and Saturday nights).

Day 2 on the Coral Coast

Start your day off with a visit to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park situated at the mouth of the Sigatoka River just a few miles from Sigatoka Town. This is Fiji`s first national park and features several miles of extensive sand dunes that hug the coral coastline, some of the dunes reach up to 200 feet high. Take the 1 - 2 hour walk along the beach and the dunes where you can climb to the top and take in the stunning surroundings and maybe catch a glimpse of the archeological sites where ancient pottery and human remains have been uncovered over the decades that the dunes have been forming.

Cruise along Queens Road and find a place in town to sit and enjoy some lunch. Then make your way to the Naihehe caves located across the river from Sautabu Village in Fiji, these caves were once a fortress for the `Sautabu` tribes, Fiji`s last cannibals where the remains of a cannibal oven, a sacred priest chamber, and a ritual platform can be found along with escape routes. The caves interior features stalagmites, stalactites, and underground springs.

Head up Tavuni Hill to the fort that sits on top standing at 295ft tall, it sits on a limestone ridge at the edge of the river. The fort was built in the 18th century by an exiled Tonga chief named Maile Latumai as a defensive site used in times of war. Explore the area where the remains of a fortified village including ancient house foundations, a sacrificial stone, and even human remains have been uncovered.

Next visit the Kula Eco Park which is an ecological preserve and Fiji`s only wildlife park. The park is home to native birds, reptiles, tropical fish and other animals in a tropical forest setting with walking paths and a stream. See Fiji`s flying fox and the park`s namesake the Kula parrots.

For your second evening make your way down to the Sunset Strip, situated off Queen`s Road, a small strip of road featuring beachfront resorts, hotels, cafes, and restaurants. The strip is an excellent location to sit back and watch a Fijian sunset with a tropical cocktail in hand. You can visit the Outrigger Resort, a luxury resort that sits right on the beach and features several restaurants and bars boasting sensational Pacific Ocean views.

Day 3 on the Coral Coast

Head out today and pack a picnic, check out the Coral Coast Railway station, the train departs at 10 am. Take a scenic ride onboard the old diesel sugar train along the coral coastline. The journey takes you through lush tropical surroundings and sugar plantations to Natadola Beach.

Enjoy a relaxing morning on this spectacular white sand beach, which is said to be one of the best beaches on the main island of Viti Levu. The beach is a great place for surfing, swimming, and snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the South Pacific. Enjoy a picnic here and relax in this perfect island setting. Locals offer horseback riding along the waterfront and there are many places to shop and dine. You can also visit one of the Spa`s in the area for a relaxing massage.

Alternatively, you can head out to Robinson Crusoe Island, this small island sits just to the north of Natadola Beach in the Likuri Harbor and features a secluded beach with a lagoon for swimming. There is a restaurant and bar and plenty of water activities to enjoy as well as hammocks swaying in the breeze which is perfect for a siesta. Visit the pottery site on the island that dates back to 1500 BC. You can enjoy sunset, dinner and fire dances here in the evening times which are held right on the sparkling shoreline.

Enjoy your last evening at one of the restaurants, bars or resorts situated along Coral Coastline where you can enjoy the delicious authentic cuisine, tropical cocktails and live entertainment in tropical island surroundings and soak up the relaxing island vibes.

Additional Days on the Coral Coast

Should you be able to spend additional days on the Coral Coast head to Pacific Harbor which is known as Fiji`s adventure capital. A unique location and home to two upscale resorts, The Lagoon Resort and The Pearl of the South Pacific. Visit the Arts Village, the outdoor shopping center, the cultural center and other activities the area has to offer. There are also shark diving adventures featured in the Harbor where you can get up close and personal and swim with bull sharks.

Hop on board a jet-boat and take the Sigatoka River Safari, enjoy a half day excursion along the River and visit authentic Fijian villages where you can learn about the rich culture of the locals. Tours normally include lunch and entertainment.

Your Last Day on the Coral Coast

Depart from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer to the airport if so the representative will meet you at your hotel with plenty of time to get you to the airport for your flight out.