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Parking tends to be an issue in many English cities. Street parking is at a premium in many areas and car parks can be far removed from some attractions. Even though car parks may not be centrally located all the time, they will probably be your best bet for parking. You will most likely pay at a machine; some machines take credit/debit cards but many will require cash. Keep pound coins and low paper denominations on hand for parking. Expect to pay at least £2-3 per hour for parking in most major English cities. In Greater London, the aforementioned costs per hour for parking easily double, if not triple. Make sure to obey maximum hour rules at car parks, or you could incur a steep fine for overstaying. Car parks tend to have good security, including closed-circuit cameras, but do not leave valuables in a parked car in any case. Disabled parking permits from the United States are only accepted at the discretion of local jurisdictions so check with a police officer before parking. Bring your U.S. parking permit, but as stated before, there is no requirement for England to honor an American parking permit.