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In Australia, distance and speed are measured using kilometers on the metric system. Speed limits are clearly signposted on Australian roads and strictly enforced. Generally, the speed limit in urban areas is 50km/h (30 mph) and on dual carriageways, the speed limit is 110km/h (68mph). Exceeding the speed limit by any amount in Australia will bring hefty fines to the driver. There are speed cameras and police everywhere. Special limits apply in school and hospital zones and speed limits vary between different states.

All of the states and territories in Australia use speed cameras, some of which are hidden. The city of Victoria is one of the strictest states for speeding. Speed cameras can be installed in unmarked vehicles or fixed overhead locations and point to point fixed cameras on the Hume Freeway north of Melbourne. If you incur a speeding violation while driving a rental car in Australia, these notices are sent to overseas addresses. The rental car companies may also charge an additional fee if speeding fines are incurred.