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Alsace Lorraine - Alsace Wine Region Vacation Packages

Set on the verge of France, in the department of Grand Est, which runs alongside the German border, the Alsace wine region shares influences from both countries (historically the area has shifted between these two national powers). Noticeable in every way, from the iconic half-timbered and brightly colored buildings through to the food and, of course, the wine, the Alsace truly showcases how the unification of two European cultures can result in an entirely unique area that exudes beauty and charm. Here you’ll discover charming Medieval villages, blended with some of the country’s best vineyards, picturesque countryside views, along with magnificent medieval castles. There are over 1,000 wine producers situated in the Alsace region, most of them small, family-run operations to enjoy! Come here to experience the very unique Alsatian culture, its exquisite cuisine and of course some of the best wines of the world.

Alsace Wine Region

Alsace Lorraine - Alsace Wine Region

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