The AVE is a high-speed train connecting cities in Spain.

Please be advised that this is not a rail ticket. You will be receiving physical tickets prior to your departure.

Travel Times:


Madrid - Barcelona 2 hrs 45 mins
Madrid - Cordoba 1 hr 45 mins
Madrid - Seville 2 hrs 30 mins
Madrid - Valencia 1 hr 38 mins
Madrid - Zaragoza 1 hr 50 mins
Cordoba - Barcelona 4 hrs 35 mins


First Class

Preferente: Newspapers, complimentary drinks, audio and video system at seat, access to Sala Club lounges at select departure stations.

Turista Plus: Same services as Turista class, but the seating of Preferente.

Second Class

Turista: Audio/video, family area with children's board games and snacks/drinks available at the bar.

On board services:

Eating and drinking are permitted on all trains. Most long distance trains offer dining cars. If your train does not have a dining car, it likely offers a buffet bar car. On local trains, there may be an attendant with a snack cart who travels from car to car. Dining cars are a unique part of the train experience, where the quality of the food and wine can rival that of a gourmet restaurant.

If you travel with a Preferente or Turista Plus ticket, drinks are served to you at your seat or at the dining car or bar car. Travelers in Economy (Turista class) have the option to purchase food and drinks depending on the train. At-seat dining is not offered in any fare class on short-distance journeys.

Bathrooms are easily accessible on all trains and are frequently marked with the letters WC (Water Closet). Usually found at the front or back of each train car, they include a sink, toilet and locking door.

All High-Speed trains are fully heated and air-conditioned. For safety reasons, high-speed trains do not offer the option of opening windows.

On the trains, you will find convenient luggage storage available between cars or in overhead compartments. It's best to clearly label all luggage with your name to avoid any mix-ups.

European trains are very family friendly. Some even have baby changing facilities or family friendly play areas.

Special amenities for disabled travelers are offered on trains and at many train stations, and are clearly indicated with pictograms (for telephones, toilets, elevators, etc). Special equipment is also available for use by disabled travelers; the equipment must be reserved locally in advance. Be sure to specify if you need personal assistance (whether with a wheelchair, boarding, etc).

Conditions of Use:

Check-in procedures: Ticket control and passport checks will occur before boarding AVE trains.

Clients must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure of the AVE train.

Renfe/Spain free child policy: Please note Renfe requires children under the age of four (who are traveling for free and who are considered lap children) be issued a ticket in the amount of $0. This special ticket must be retrieved directly from the Renfe ticket counter. This specially-priced ticket is not available through TripMasters.


Seats/couchettes aboard trains are not always numbered consecutively. Passengers will be assigned adjoining seats whenever possible.

Since most trains generally pull into a station in one direction and pull out in another, forward facing seats cannot be guaranteed. If you'd like to change your seat, ask the conductor who can help you to find a new seat.

While there are ATMs located in most major stations, there are no ATMs located on the trains themselves.

Tipping the train staff (other than dining car waiters) is not necessary or customary.

Most trains do not carry emergency medical equipment. In case of a medical emergency, conductors on board will radio ahead to the next stop so that help will be ready and waiting.

General Information:

Dates on train tickets are printed in the European format of date/month. (Example: October 9th will appear as 09/10).

Departure/arrival times on train tickets are printed in military style. (Example: 1:10pm will appear as 13:10).

The term 'coach' on train tickets refers to the train car where your seats are located, NOT class of service.

Class of service is located in a box on the right of the ticket labeled 'class' or 'CL' with either a number 1 or a number 2, indicating 1st or 2nd class.

Train tickets cannot be reserved until 60 days prior to your departure. Once your tickets are reserved they will be sent to you via FedEx.

Passengers MUST have their PAPER TRAIN TICKETS that were received in the FedEx package in order to ride the train. No other documents will be accepted. If you failed to bring these and/or the tickets were lost or stolen, you will be responsible to purchase NEW train tickets locally. There are NO refunds issued in these cases.