One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, the Czech Republic can be enjoyed throughout the year. Most tourists tend to visit during the high season, which begins in June and runs through September. Shoulder seasons, when temperatures are not as hot, sights are not as crowded with tourists, and accommodations might be discounted, occur in April-May and again in October and into the first half of November. The month of December, when Christmas markets open up in town squares across the country, is also a popular tourist draw. Whether you want to stroll the streets of Prague, ski at the resorts in the west and northwest of the country, or walk through the beautiful pastures that dot the countryside in Moravia, the Czech Republic offers a multitude of options for the traveler regardless of the month on the calendar. In this guide, we will tell you when Czechs celebrate certain holidays and festivals, as well as how busy the country will be and what kind of weather you can expect.