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I was skeptical of the trip masters website, I must admit. I did some searching on reviews and the better business bureau before I bought my trip. ...
You guys are awesome!

Caryn M. ...
This is the 3rd (maybe 4th) time we have used Tripmasters. Once again, we had an incredible experience. Despite the fact that we missed our last fligh ...
Actually I recommend you to my friends and family,thank you!

Yoel A ...
It was my first experience using Tripmasters, so I wasn't sure what to expect - some companies are great, others you have to hound to get anything ...

Cities to visit in France

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Paris and Nice by Train

6 nights from $1,068*

Paris - Avignon - Nice by Train

9 nights from $1,432*

French Highlights

8 nights from $1,136*

Damsels and Popes

8 nights from $1,203*

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