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Must visit in Germany!

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This is my third trip with Tripmasters and I was 100% happy with the flights and hotels.

Valerie S ...
We were very happy with the planning and service. We had no issues other than trying to check in early at several hotels. We called ahead and they acc ...
We booked flights and hotels with tripmasters and we were pleased with all of the locations and hotels. We did not book any activities through tripmas ...
Hotels & airfare only

Flavia M .
All hotel`s were very nice.

Phyllis T. ...

Cities to visit in Germany

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The Romantic Road (Self Drive)

7 nights from $1,269*

Berlin and Munich by Train

6 nights from $929*

German Charms

11 nights from $1,419*

The Fairy Tale Alpine Route

10 nights from $1,559*

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