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We were very happy with the planning and service. We had no issues other than trying to check in early at several hotels. We called ahead and they acc ...
Honestly, I have no complaints! Everything was so well organized and easy to follow. Thank you for making our trip a success!

Jessica W ...
Services were great!

Amanda T. ...
This was my second time using Tripmaster and I recommend this site to everyone I know. Hotels were great, I usually upgrade, but the one I did not was ...
This is the 3rd (maybe 4th) time we have used Tripmasters. Once again, we had an incredible experience. Despite the fact that we missed our last fligh ...

Cities to visit in Germany

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The Romantic Road (Self Drive)

7 nights from $1,109*

Berlin and Munich by Train

6 nights from $1,039*

German Charms

11 nights from $1,519*

The Fairy Tale Alpine Route

10 nights from $1,399*

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