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Nice variety of accommodations, from city center hotels, B&B's, country estates, allowed for a good mixture during our 2-week trip.

John H. ...
TripMasters was able to get my whole month long European trip in order. My flights were set up perfectly and timed well. I said the area where I wan ...
This is the second time I`ve used Tripmasters in the last 18 months, and I absolutely love it. I tell everyone to use Tripmasters. FIVE STARS Will use ...
The trip I booked was extremely reasonable and super enjoyable. We had a weeklong stay in Ireland, with flights from Dallas, car rental for 5 days, an ...
All hotels were nice. Tripmastes did a great job rerouting our flight when there was a chance that Heathrow employees were going to strike. There app ...

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Magical Ireland (Self Drive)

9 nights from $1,869*

Central Ireland (Self Drive)

7 nights from $1,652*

Completely Irish (Self Drive)

10 nights from $2,013*

Irish Charms (Self Drive)

10 nights from $2,194*

Live Like a Lord

7 nights from $2,160*

Legends and Charm (Self Drive)

7 nights from $1,138*

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