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What brings visitors to Anguilla Island?

Anguilla is a tiny, alluring Island offering a laid back authentic vibe, there are no big shopping malls or high rise hotels, just luxury relaxed resorts and hotels dotted around the scenic island. The island has some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in the Caribbean, with shipwrecks dotted around the mesmerizing crystal clear waters and coral reefs. Lounging on the pristine white beaches and relaxing at upscale hotels while sipping on cocktails and listening to waves crash onshore are some of the preferred pastimes in Anguilla. Dining is another big draw to the island which is brimming with over 70 fine dining restaurants to choose from. The island is packed with activities during the summer when the Anguilla Summer Festival takes place in The Valley with boat races, dancing, pageants, and parades.

What are the outdoor activities to do on Anguilla Island?

Spending time in or out on the mesmerizing waters around Anguilla is one of the best ways to spend your day. The island is renowned for some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean with intentionally sunken ships which become artificial coral reefs dotted around the shores, and abundant marine life including barracudas, nurse sharks, stingrays, turtles, and eels. Seven marine parks surround Anguilla and Stoney Bay Marine Park where the 18th-century Spanish galleon lies since 1772, an award-winning underwater park.

Spend days sailing around the spectacular waters, enjoy eco-tours and island hopping tours to visit places like Little Bay, snorkeling can be done right off the beaches, spend the day at one of the idyllic offshore islands such as Sandy Island, or Prickly Pear and laze the day away.

What are some good activities to enjoy with kids in Anguilla?

Kids will love a day trip to Dolphin Discovery in Anguilla, where they can interact with loveable dolphins. There is an enclosure just off Blowing Point Beach on the south coast of the island, you can swim with the dolphins, kiss them, cuddle them, and get pushed or pulled around the pool with these gentle animals.

What are the beaches like on Anguilla Island?

33 spectacular bountiful beaches decorate the island. They are some of the main draws to Anguilla, and each one has its unique character. There are remote beaches on the north coast facing the Atlantic side such as Windward Bay where waves are popular for surfers.

The highly acclaimed Shoal Bay East is considered to be one of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the Caribbean, with ideal waters for swimming and snorkeling, and a few resorts and restaurants fringing the shores.

Meads Bay Beach stretches for just under a mile, covered in soft white sands and lapped by crystal clear azure waters. The secluded beach is backed by tropical foliage and some of the best restaurants on the island.

Elsie Bay is a quaint, secluded beach nestled on the southern coast of the island, a hidden gem tucked away in a cove, perfect for an uninterrupted day at the beach.

What are the nightlife offerings on Anguilla Island?

Catching a glorious sunset is one of the great ways to start your evenings in Anguilla. The beaches are lined by casual bars such as the funky and authentic Dune Preserve, rated the #1 beach bar in the world by CNN. The Bankie Banx’s Moonsplash Music Festival is held on the sands at The Dune, one of the islands most anticipated events, held under a full moon. Anguilla boasts some of the best live music scenes in the Western Hemisphere with performers such as Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Jimmy Buffet and Bankie Banx performing on its shores. There are several lively beachside bars found in Shoal’s Bay, Johnno's Beach Stop and the Pumphouse are two of the best clubs on the island found at Sandy Ground.

Where are the best places to eat?

Anguilla offers some of the most premier dining options in the Caribbean. Diner’s can enjoy sophisticated alfresco in casual elegant open air settings, and an eclectic mix of bistros and beach bars. The restaurants are home to native Anguillan chefs such as Dale Carty (Tasty’s and Dune Preserve) and Glendon Carty (Ripple’s and Cap Juluca) serving up mouth watering food and effervescent cocktails. The Anguillan menus consist of freshly caught seafood and fish including red snapper, yellowtail, tuna, and mahi along with freshly grown local produce and grains. Anguilla has it all as far as cuisine is concerned with French, Italian and of course Caribbean cuisine gracing most menus. Restaurants in Anguilla also boast some of the most stunning locations set right on the sea and scattered throughout the island.

What are some cultural and historical landmarks on Anguilla Island?

The Heritage Museum Collection is a great attraction to learn about the history of the island featuring fascinating artifacts including Arawak Indian tools, slave shackles and other items dating back to the 19th century. Mr. Colville Petty founded the museum and discovered most of the items on display in the museum himself, he was awarded an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II.

The historic Olde Valley is the capital of Anguilla, it is also the commercial, political and geographic heart of the island. Home to the best history museum, Anguilla’s salt ponds, along with excellent fishing and diving opportunities. Visit the Anguilla National Trust featuring exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the island, and take an Anguilla Heritage Tour or nature hike.

The Wall Blake House, a plantation home on the Heritage Trail built in 1787. Warden’s Place is a former cotton and sugar plantation that now houses the Koal Keel restaurant with the 200 year old rock oven still in place. The Old factory was the location of where Anguilla’s cotton was ginned for many years, the ginning machinery is still intact and on display here.

What are the popular festivals held in Anguilla?

Festival Del Mar is the islands ‘celebration of the sea’ a 2 day event held in late March or April with food, live music, entertainment, activities and fishing contests. The Anguilla Cultural Festival and Summer Festival is a wonderful festival with local Anguillans sharing stories on their lives and customs. The Moonsplash Music Festival held annually in March features international performers. The Anguillan Revolution is celebrated on May, 30th which is Anguilla Day.