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By Taxi

Taxi is the preferred way to get around in Cartagena. There is an abundance of taxis to select from very few will cost more than a few dollars (USD) for a ride to just almost anywhere in the city. If you would like a special ride take the old-fashioned way to your destination, consider a Horse-drawn carriage. There are regular drivers with their horse and cart waiting for passengers at the Santa Clara Hotel and at the Plaza Bolivar. You can also wave down a driver when you need a ride. The price of taxis from the port into the Old Town has risen. The taxis from the port has increased the fare from about $10 to a minimum of $20. Be careful some drivers will try to charge whatever they can get away with. Always negotiate before getting in a cab in Cartagena.

By Walking

Walking is a great way to get around the historic old town of Cartagena. The entire area can be explored by foot and this way, you’ll see all the amazing design and wonder of this fascinating area. Most places in the Bocagrande area are also easily within walking distance.

By Bus

Buses are not recommended for Cartagena. Getting around by bus can be tricky at best because there are no printed maps to guide you. Taxis are preferred for a less confusing experience.