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By Foot

The city of Chiang Rai is easy and fun to get around on foot with a compact city center and plenty of centralized shopping and dining options. Walking around the bustling markets is an enjoyable way to explore the stalls and taste the delicious street food. The night markets are some of the most popular places to be at night with an authentic, vibrant atmosphere. Most of the cities museums, markets and temples can be reached on foot.

By Bicycle

Riding a bicycle around in the city of Chiang Rai is a popular way to get around, many of the locals ride bikes which gives you access to the narrow streets and laneways. Exploring the city on two wheels gives you an easy way to explore the sights and attractions, and riding a bicycle out in the beautiful surrounding countryside is a great way to soak in the scenic views and amazing landscapes. The beautiful Singha Park is filled with tea plantations and vibrant flowers, the preferred way to get around the park is by renting a bicycle.

By Tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuks are a local means of transportation found in the city of Chiang Rai, a three-wheeled motorized vehicle that is used as a taxi service in the city. There are plenty of tuk-tuks running around town which offer a quick and cheap ride to visit nearby attractions. They can also be found outside of the bus stations, the markets and popular attractions, or just found on the side of the road and outside hotels.

By Songtaew

Songtaews are another prominent sight in the city of Chiang Rai, covered pick-up trucks with benches in the back for seating. They usually run a fixed route that goes to popular attractions and some outlying destinations, they display their destinations on a sigh (in Thai). The vehicle will make several stops and they can get quite crowded, but offer a cheap way to get around.

By Taxi

Taxis in the city of Chiang Rai are mainly used for trips to and from the airport to the city center. Taxis are not needed or used due to the high number of tuk-tuks, songtaews, and samlors in the city. The phone app Grab is just like Uber and popular in Asia, a taxi service can be ordered and sometimes costs less than a tuk-tuk ride.

By Car

Having a car is a good idea if you are looking to explore and see the stunning surrounding countryside and mountains. The roads can be fun to drive and see the beautiful scenery making stops when you please and allowing you to visit remote areas. Private cars with a driver are also available to hire which can be very inexpensive. There are several national known rental car companies found at the airport and in the city.