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By Bus

Christchurch offers an extensive bus network run by several companies. Buses are one of the main forms of transportation in the city. The Metro bus is one of the primary bus services offered around Christchurch. The main Bus Exchange station is located in downtown Christchurch, on the corner of Litchfield and Colombo Streets which is the main transport hub in the city. All buses and routes originate here and timetables and maps are available.

The prepaid Metrocard can be purchased for discounted travel on the city buses. Tickets cost approximately NZ$3.50 for adults and NZ$2.50 for children and can be purchased on board from the driver, your ticket offers a free transfer to another bus within two hours from the purchase time. Visit for more information.

By Taxi

Taxis are one of the other main forms of transport in the city of Christchurch and are readily available through the city. Several different companies offer taxi services with standard fares across the board, taxis can be hailed from the street or found at taxis stands around the city as well as located outside major hotels and attractions or ordered over the phone.

By Car

Driving around Christchurch is made easy with a grid-like layout in the city center. Traveling by car to the stunning areas that surround the city is a great way to see other cities and towns that are close by. Renting your own car gives you the freedom and flexibility to travel around at your leisure. Several rental car companies are available at the Christchurch International Airport and locations found in the city. There are plenty of parking options located around the city with thousands of parking garages, parking lots and on-street parking where the first hour is offered for free in several locations.

By Tram

Christchurch`s iconic restored tramway is the perfect form of transportation for sightseeing in the city. The tram offers 17 different stops at major points of interest and takes a one-way loop around the heart of the city. Hop-on and Hop-off the tram all day starting and ending at the central Cathedral Square for about NZ$8.90 per adult (children ride free). Trams operate from 9 am until 9 pm (6 pm in the winter) and depart every 15-20 minutes.

By Foot

Walking around the `Garden City` is easily done on foot with a flat terrain and a compact city center. Attractions situated around the centrally located `Cathedral Square`. Christchurch offers plenty of wide open green spaces that are perfect for exploring including Hagley Park which is the largest park in the city covering 400 acres of land. The beautiful Botanic Gardens located in the city are a pleasant location for a stroll with many other attractions located close by including the Canterbury Museum.

By Bicycle

Taking a bicycle ride around the flat, compact city of Christchurch is a great way to explore the city and its attractions. There are bicycle lanes on most streets and miles of cycling paths throughout the city and in Hagley Park.


The Metrocard is a pre-paid card used for public transportation in the city, mostly used on the buses. The card gives passengers a 25% discount off the fare price and is worth purchasing if you will be traveling around the city for a few days. The cards can be purchased from the central Bus Interchange in the city center and with Metrocard agents around the city (libraries, Northlands Shopping Center).