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Hobart is a small quaint city where walking is feasible and fun. Most attractions are within a few minute`s walk from the city center. The council provides services such as Hobart CBD mobility map and a free wheelchair to improve access to the city center and Salamanca Market for the disabled.

By Shuttle Bus

The Airporter Shuttle bus provides transportation for visitors arriving and departing from Hobart airport. The friendly driver of the Redline Airporter departs outside the terminal after the arrival of every flight in to the city. The cost is approximately AU$19 one way or AU$35 round trip for adults and about AU$14 each way for children or round trip around AU$25. You will need to book at least 2 hours prior to you departure time. If your flight leaves before 9am you will need to book by 6pm the evening prior to your departure. Most hotels will be happy to make the booking for you. You can call tel: 1300 38 55 11 for more information or visit on the web.

By Metro Bus

The Metro bus system provides transport to passengers around the city. There is a Metro shop centrally located at 22 Elizabeth St where you can purchase all public bus fares and find timetables. The bus system can be fairly complicated with more than a dozen different fare types, routes, destinations and concession types. Here is some helpful information on zones and fares in Hobart.

There are five bus zones; Central, Southern, Eastern, Northern and Glenorchy. Schedules are clearly posted and the buses do tend to run on time. The staff is patient, friendly and helpful. For timetable and Service information you can call tel: 13 22 01 or visit online.

Buses operate on an electronic Green Card system which is like a rechargeable credit card that you swipe once on board; it gives you a 20% discount and is cheaper than a cash ticket. You can purchase a pre - paid, loaded and activated adult green card ticket from the Metro shop. They come with a tourist guide to using public transport and the sights of Hobart. Cash tickets cost around AU$3 for a single ticket and day tickets (can be used after 9am daily) cost approximately AU$6.

Bus Etiquette: If you are purchasing cash tickets make sure to have the correct coins ready for the driver when you board. If you see a line (queue) at the bus stop please be sure to join the line at the back.

By Taxi

In the city center you can order a taxi by phone or at an official taxi rank. If you see a taxi with the roof light illuminated this means it is available. All taxis are metered. The locals are not used to sharing cabs so it is advised not to try and share a ride. Here is a list of local taxi companies.

Airport Taxi Service Group tel 0418 179 202

Chauffeured cars and coaches tel 1300 308 000

Executive Taxi Service tel 0411 488 734

Tascabs Hobart Inc Prestige Teri Service tel 0406 106 067

By Car

A rental (hire) car is a good way to see the surrounding areas of Hobart. Mount Wellington and Port Arthur are between an hour - two hour drive from central Hobart. Renting a car gives you more flexibility and freedom to see these surrounding areas. Driving can be difficult as the roads are narrow with tight turns near the mountain and inland regions. Traffic is on the left side of the road in Australia. Note: Speed cameras are installed on the Tasman Bridge which links Hobart`s eastern and western shore. Avoid the CBD during rush hour (8 - 9 am and 5 - 6 pm on weekdays). Note: Do not leave valuables in your vehicle at any time.

By Bike

Hobart is a great city to ride around on a bicycle with a track running between the city and the Northern suburbs. The council offers maps and information on hiring a bicycle. You can also rent electric bicycles from Henry Jones Art Hotel on Hunter Street for around AU$40 a day.
Note: there are no dedicated bike lanes on the main city streets.

By Ferry

River transport has been used in Hobart for many years allowing people to move around the city. Currently there are three operators running ferries on the Derwent River, Hobart Cruises who operate a fast catamaran service, Navigators who operate all over the river estuary and visit Moorilla Estate and Hobart Water Taxis who operate a morning and evening ferry between the eastern shore and Sullivans cove. There are two ships (Spirit of Tasmania I and II) that make the longer connection from Devonport to Melbourne leaving both areas at 7:30pm arriving the following morning at 6am. In the busier months there is a daytime service which leaves at 9am arriving by 6pm.