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By Bus

It is possible to do Meteora from Kalambaka and Kastraki by public bus and walking combined. There are four public buses a day running from Kalambaka and Kastraki to Meteora and back starting at 9:00 am. The last bus departs back from Meteora at 4:00 pm, so if you want to see the sunset there without your own transportation, be prepared to walk back. It is not very convenient if you wish to use these buses from monastery to monastery like a hop-on, hop-off bus. These buses mostly serve as a one way trip to reach the monasteries and then you will be on your own.

By Private/Guided Tour

You will find a number of day trip operators in the area that can drive you around in a private car for one day or multiple day excursions. Taking a tour offers a lot of value as it will help provide an understanding of its historical value of Meteora. Another option is to hire a taxi. Expect to pay between €50 and €100 to visit the six monasteries. Your fee will vary depending on whether you want a drive-by tour with a brief stop at one or two monasteries, or a more thorough day-tip with stops at each. Be sure you are in agreement with your driver as to how much time you would like to have at each monastery. Most drivers are okay with waiting up to 30 minutes at each monastery, while some drivers will accompany you into each and act as a guide (make sure to tip).

By Scooter

An alternative is to rent a scooter from Kalampaka. Just make sure to book a scooter rental ahead of time, especially if you are visiting during the summer months.

By Walking/Hiking

Be prepared to walk. Not only can Meteora be visited on foot, but unless your accommodations are near to the town center, you may have to walk to find nearby restaurants and cafes.

You can walk to get between the monasteries, but it can get really hot doing this in the summer months and there is a lot of ground to cover between the different sites. We recommend that you do a mixture of both driving and hiking to make the most of your time in Meteora.

By Car

Each monastery has space for parking on the side of the road, and it only takes a few minutes to drive between the monasteries. There are also a few different gas stations in the area so make sure you compare prices as they can greatly vary.