On Foot

Walking around the main part of the city, close to the main train station where many hotels, shops, eateries, and sightseeing attractions can be found. Walking to most of the temples and shrines is possible from the station with sites found to the east and the west. The small compact city offers many walking tours that lead visitors to the main tourist sights, as well as attractive walking and hiking trails in the forested hillside areas.

The Daibutsu Hiking Trail is 1.36 miles long linking Jochiji Temple in Kita-Kamakura with the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) in the west, with several trails leading off the main course to other smaller shrines and temples. The Gionyama Course starts from Myohonji Temple passing the Yagumo Shrine and Harakiri Yaura cave. And the Tenen Course connects Zuisen-Ji Temple with Kencho-Ji Temple.

By Bicycle

Renting a bicycle in the city of Kamakura is highly recommended. Riding a bike allows you to visit the area`s attractive temples and shrines and take in the stunning scenic surroundings. There are many rental places located in the city with affordable rates that cost around ¥800 for an hour with additional hours starting around ¥250 or ¥2000- ¥3000 per day. Kamakura Rental Cycles is located at the east exit of Kamakura Station.

By Bus

Yokohama Keikyu and Enoshima buses operate in the city, the bus station is by the Kamakura station and transport visitors to the main tourist attractions in the city and go as far as Yokohama.

By Train

Kamakura has its own train line, the Enoden train line, an iconic feature in the city that connects Kamakura to Enoshima and Fujisawa via the coastline of Enoshima. The train line transports both locals and visitors on a route through the city and the major tourist spots around town with connections to the main train stations.

The main train station is the center of the city where many of the city`s attractions radiate from, some within walking distance others can be found on the city bus network.

By Taxi

Taxis are available in Kamakura and the majority of them can be found outside the main Kamakura Train station.

By Rickshaw

Jinrikisha or rickshaws are a unique, authentic way to scoot around the city. These are prominently found outside the Kamakura Station, a man pulls the rickshaw which can hold two passengers. The drivers will point out historical sights and sightseeing spots and surrounding areas in the city. Rickshaws can be rented for 30 or 60 minutes for sightseeing in the city which comes with a local knowledgeable driver, prices vary based on time and distance traveled.