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By Rental Car

Getting around by car is the best option. If you decide to rent, be sure to rent a 4x4. The roads to Monteverde are mostly dirt and are not well maintained. During the rainy season, May - November, the drive can be especially difficult, and you will be unable to get to the reserve if you are not utilizing a 4x4. Renting a car in Costa Rica is probably one of the best ways to enjoy all the sights of the country. Some of the advantages are obvious – go where you want, when you want. Make your own agenda and have more freedom.

By Taxi

Taxis are readily available in Santa Elena and Monteverde; any hotel or tourist attraction will happily call one for you. Unlike the rest of Costa Rica, taxis in the Monteverde area do not use a meter – set prices (according to destination) are listed in the vehicle, but make sure to negotiate the price before you get in the cab. A taxi from Santa Elena downtown will cost about $10 and a taxi from Sant Elana downtown to Santa Elena Cloud Forest will cost about $13.

By Walking

Walking is a good way to get around the small towns, but not other areas of Monteverde. You will be able to reach the restaurants, bars, and shops easily by foot, but to visit other tourist attractions you will need another type of transportation.