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By Foot

Mumbai offers some great locations for walking around such as the popular Marine Drive which is great for a scenic waterfront stroll at sunset. Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the perfect outdoor sanctuary covering hundreds of acres of land filled with flora, fauna, and wildlife. Kanheri Caves are also found inside the massive park and are great for exploring the ancient Indian art sculpted rocks. There are many beautiful parks in the city where you can explore vibrant gardens such as `The Hanging Gardens` on Malabar Hill and the Five Gardens in central Mumbai. Stroll along the many beaches offered in the City of Gold and enjoy the warm sunshine and bright blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

By Bike

Mumbai offers a few places to rent a bicycle and do some exploring in the city, the city is navigable on a bike but can be difficult with poor road conditions. There are many bike tours offered outside of the city which can be enjoyable with breathtaking scenery.

By Rickshaw

Rickshaws are three-wheeled tiny auto`s that operate on the streets of Mumbai outside the city center, they run on meters and fares cost around INR 17 for the first mile. They offer a quick and authentic ride and can seat 3 people with no room for luggage.

By Taxi

Mumbai offers two types of taxis, black and yellow cabs (have no AC), blue and silver cabs (offer AC), both types run on meters and the blue and silver cabs cost around 25% more than non-AC cabs. Fares in the city of Mumbai start at INR 21 for the first mile, then INR 12.35 for every 0.62 miles thereafter. You can hail a taxi on the street, find them outside stations or call and order one over the phone. BookMyCab tel. 022-612-34-567.

By Bus

There is an extensive bus network offered in the city, destinations appear on the left side of the bus in English and the purple colored are buses with AC. A journey on a bus around the city will cost around INR 10- 20.

By Metro

The Mumbai Monorail opened in 2014, it operates on a coin system and tickets cost about INR 20 - 40 and currently only offers one line operating from Versova - Andheri - Ghatkopar.

By Train

Trains in the city offer the Western Line and the Central Line which both meet at Dadar station and Harbour Line. Trains run from 4:00 am until 1:00 am every 2-5 minutes providing passengers with a fast and cheap journey around the city. Trains are not always the best option for tourists visiting Mumbai, their routes cover the eastern and western suburbs which are not much use to visitors and half a million local passengers use the trains on a daily basis to commute. Tickets cost approximately INR 10 - 35 and upward depending on the journey.