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By Taxi

Taxis are reliable in the city with English speaking drivers and air conditioning. Taxis are metered and some of the city`s reputable companies include Mai Linh Taxi tel. 058-3-811-811 and Nha Trang Taxi tel. 058-3-81-81-81. The flag fall rates per 0.62 miles are around VND7,000. The best way to find a taxi in the city is to order one by phone or find one outside of a hotel.

By Xe Om

Xe oms (motorcycle taxis) are common all over Nha Trang and provide passengers a quick and fun way to get around. Taking a ride on a motorcycle can get you to where you want to be and offer a scenic ride for around VND15,000 per 0.62 miles and a quick ride around the city center should not cost much more than VND25,000.

By Cyclo

Cyclos are three-wheeled bicycles with a seat attached and can be found around most tourist attractions in the city. A classic, fun ride on a cyclo can fit two passengers and costs around VND22,000 per 0.62 miles.

By Buses

Buses in the city are cheap and reliable and a journey will cost you around VND7,000. There are six routes offered in the city and the buses are blue and white in color, the most useful routes for tourists are bus #4 and #6. Bus #4 will take visitors on a north-south route traveling through the center of the city, connecting many tourist attractions such as Cho Dam market, Po Nagar Cham Towers, Chong Rocks, and Vinpearl.

By Foot

Yes, you can absolutely walk around the company and flat city of Nha Trang on foot. Walking around is one of the best ways to get to the beach and other popular attractions like shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions. Nha Trang is a coastal city with beautiful beaches that are within walking distance to the heart of the city. There is a great promenade along the beach which is perfect for a stroll. The city is pedestrian friendly making it easy to reach many attractions on foot.

By Bicycle

Riding a bike in Nha Trang is easy, providing visitors a great way to explore the city, which is flat and provides easy access to many attractions. There are so many scenic rides in this beautiful beachfront city that you will be spoilt for choice. Take a ride along the promenade at the beach, or head north along Tran Phu Street to the bridge and beyond, cycle along the river and enjoy the stunning sights the city has to offer.

Bikes can be rented all over the city, many hotels will offer bikes to rent for the day to their guests and rentals generally cost around VND20,000 per day. There are rental shops in the city center along with moped and motorcycle rentals.

There are many bicycle tours offered where you can get out and explore the verdant countryside of Nha Trang. The coastal town of Nha Trang stretches for around 4 miles where many of the attractions are grouped close together, which makes cycling to them very easy.