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By Foot

The city of Phnom Penh is explorable on foot due to its smaller size and easy accessibility to different neighborhoods and attractions. Walkers will get the chance to experience the culture in the city by walking around local markets and different areas filled with locals. There is plenty of street food to be found when walking around the city, Phnom Penh is known as a food haven and street food stalls and hawker-style dining is in abundance in the city. There are plenty of guided walking tours offered around the city that will lead you down hidden streets filled with shops and restaurants along with other unique sites. Walking along the river can be a scenic rewarding walk and will give visitors access to the riverside sites and the Sisowath Quay, which is a bustling area a night.

By Bicycle

Renting a bicycle to ride around Phnom Penh costs around $3-5 a day, guesthouses, hotels, and bicycle stalls all offer rentals. Getting around the city on a bicycle is how the locals do it and there are numerous guided tours with a local guide who will take you along an established route.

By Taxi

Taxis are abundant in the city and probably the most popular way to get around Phnom Penh as well as the safest. They are available 24 hours a day and can be found outside major transportation hubs, major hotels, shopping areas and can be ordered over the phone through local taxi companies. The taxi drivers in the city usually speak very good English and have great knowledge of the city. A taxi can also be a cheaper option to the traditional tuk-tuks and will only cost you around $20-30 a day to hire with short rides running around $3-4.

By Bus

Local city buses are a great way to get a truly authentic experience while traveling around the city. They offer a cheap way to get around with rides costing around $0.50, but many do not offer air conditioning.

By Tuk Tuk

Tuk-Tuks are the classic and basic form of transport found in the city. A large tricycle offering a bench seat for two passengers. A good way to see the authentic side of the city streets and get some fresh air. A ride could cost up to about $5 just for short distance, however, prices are negotiable and you are advised to negotiate before taking a ride.

By Cyclo

Cyclos in the city offer a great way to see the sights, they are a bicycle rickshaw pedaled by a local. A cyclo ride can be romantic yet practical and a good way to visit some of the great landmarks. Look for cyclos outside popular hotels, restaurants, popular landmarks or by hiring one from The Cyclo Center on Street 158. You can generally hire a cyclo driver for around $10 a day for sightseeing.

By Remok

A Remok is a motorcycle tuk-tuk and another common mode of transport in the city. The motorcycle and driver pull you along in a small passenger carriage giving you amble views of your surroundings. They can accommodate up to 4 passengers at a time. The price of a Remok ride is based on distance and duration with average fares beginning around $2-3.

By Moto

A moto is a motorcycle taxi that provides single travelers with a quick, cheap ride to their destination. The motos are driven by English speaking drivers and can be found outside most tourist attractions and hotels. A moto can be rented for approximately $6-10 a day and cost more at night.