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By Foot

Walking around the city of Siem Reap is one of the easiest and best ways to explore the city. There is not much as far as public transportation goes in Siem Reap, so walking around will be your first choice to get to places that are situated close by. The city center is flat and compact and most attractions are within walking distance from one another. Walking around the many temples is a must and you will definitely cover some miles in this city. Take a leisurely stroll down by the river with charming views, walk down the narrow alleyways and streets, wander through the many markets and bar hop on Pub Street.

By Bicycle

A bicycle is the second best option for traveling around Siem Reap and a very inexpensive option with some bicycle rentals costing as low as US$1 a day. Hotels, Guesthouses and rental shops all over the city have bikes to rent and White Bicycles project is a non-profit organization that rents bikes for US$2 a day with all the proceeds going to clean water and local youth education programs. Electric bikes can be rented for around US$2 - US$4 per day with charge points and rental outlets set up around the temples and throughout the city. Cycling around the Angkor Archaeological Park is a great experience with beautiful tree lined paths and stunning scenery, all of the temples here are easily accessible by bike.

By Remork (Cambodian Tuk Tuk)

A Remork is a Cambodian tuk-tuk and one of the main forms of transportation in the city of Siem Reap. You will find them everywhere, outside hotels, tourist attractions, waiting on the streets, etc. They are affordable and can accommodate up to four passengers with a short trip in the downtown area starting around US$2, they can even be hired for an entire day, take a tuk tuk out to the Angkor Archaeological Park for around US$15 - US$20.

Moto (Motorcycle Taxi)

A Moto is a motorcycle taxi and another authentic way to see the sights in Siem Reap. These forms of transport are only good for one passenger and will cost around US$1 for a trip within the downtown area and a day with a driver can cost around US$10 depending upon your final destination. Motos can be found on the street and outside hotels and attractions.

By Taxi

A traditional taxi is not very common in the city of Siem Reap, they are available at the airport and some can be found around town, but the citifies transportation is mostly populated by the remorks and motos. You can order a taxi through your hotel concierge and many companies hire out cars and vans with a driver. Taxi stands can be found near the Old Market and the Siem Reap River. Rates usually begin around US$35 a day if you are looking to travel to other areas in Cambodia.

In Angkor Archaeological Park

Inside Angkor Archaeological Park visitors will find many options to explore the vast grounds including on foot, bicycle, electric cars, horse drawn carriages and even elephant rides.