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By Taxi

Getting around by Taxi in Anguilla is one of the best ways to travel with friendly drivers who also double as tour guides. Taxis here are metered and can be expensive on the island due to several different factors (high gas prices, insurance, taxis zones) some costing around EC$20 for a one-way trip. Taxis can be found at the Blowing Point Ferry Stand, and the Airport Taxi Stand, and ordered by phone from your hotel. You can always ask your taxi driver for his card and cellphone number and contact them for future rides. There are additional surcharges for rides between 6 pm and 6 am. The island is divided into 10 taxi zone and the fares depend upon how many zones you are traveling through.

By Car

Renting a car when visiting Anguilla is a great way to explore the island at your leisure. Renting a car can also be more cost-effective than taking pricey taxi rides. However, visitors wishing to drive here need to have an Anguillan driver’s license which can be acquired at most car rental companies, and ports of entry. The island features one main asphalt road that stretches for 16 miles the entirety of the island. Many of the roads on the island are badly paved and there are no street signs, so driving around can be quite that challenge. There are plenty of rental car agencies found at the airport, by the ferry docks, and in the main towns.

On Foot

Walking around the beautiful island with its breathtaking beaches and quaint towns is a dream come true. Wandering around with the sun on your face and breeze to keep you cool allows visitors to discover the hidden coves, beaches, shops, eateries, and attractions Anguilla has to offer.

By Bicycle

Riding a bike around Anguilla is a great way to explore and reach the local beaches, shops, and restaurants. Bicycle rentals are available from some accommodations and rental shops in town. The terrain on Anguilla is flat making bike riding fairly easy, riding a bike allows you to explore the attractions off the main road. The cost of renting a bicycle for the day costs around $10, and better deals are offered for a week.

By Ferry or Boat

Visitors have many opportunities to travel around by boat or ferry when visiting Anguilla. There is a 25-minute ferry ride over to stunning St. Martin for a day trip, boats leave the Blowing Point dock three times daily costing around EC$54 one way, the last boat leaves St. Martin at 7 pm. There are several local tour companies offering island hopping tours, fishing trips, and scuba diving adventures to the surrounding islands and cays.