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By Foot

Yes walking around certain areas of George Town is the best way to see the local attractions and beaches. The waterfront village in George Town is a pleasure to stroll around with quaint shops and eateries scattered around the harbor. Walking around the idyllic Lake Victoria is great on foot with lots of scenic beauty to soak up. Walking along the beautiful white powdery sand beaches is of course another magical experience with beachside restaurants, bars, and stalls to explore.

By Bicycle

Yes riding a bicycle around George Town can be a pleasurable experience. Hotels and resorts may have bicycles available for guests to rent and there are other locations available where scooters can be rented also.

By Taxi

Local taxis companies on the island are Exuma Transit Services and Leslie Dames. Taxis can be found outside the airport and by the harbor in George Town, you can also call and order a taxi by phone to pick you up at your hotel.

By Car

Yes renting a car when visiting George Town is going to be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around. Due to a lack of public transportation on the islands, a car is a necessity if you wish to travel around and see the different sights and attractions. There are rental car agencies at the airport and on Main Street in George Town, renting a car can cost around BS$60 per day or about BS$325 per week. There are only two gas stations on the island, one located near the Exuma International Airport and the other located in Farmer`s Hill.