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What is Guam known for?

Holidaymakers, families, honeymooners, divers, and anyone looking to relax and get away from crowded city life are highly attracted to Guam. This destination is known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean waters and its fantastic shops at the high end district, but it also has an important historic value.

What are the best places to visit in Guam?

Aside from its amazing sandy beaches, Guam Island is home to many other interesting sites of vast natural beauty and historic relevance. Enjoy the beautiful shores, especially those of Tumon Bay, lounge on the beach, explore WWII shipwrecks, take on adventurous water sports, or visit an ecological refuge. Guam definitely has it all!

When is the best time to visit Guam?

December, January and February are considered high season. The wet months are July through November, with transitional months being June and December. Some people consider the best time to visit to be Jan-May, the dry season. For Guam, tropical storms and typhoons can occur anytime of the year, though a typical typhoon season for Guam runs from late June through December (when Pacific Ocean water temperatures are at their warmest), with the peak of the typhoon season occurring between late August through mid-November.

How many days should I spend in Guam?

We recommend 3 - 5 days based on what you want to see and do. We offer flexible vacation packages so you can select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

What is the best way to get around Guam?

By Bus: Guam Mass Transit Authority operates buses to most villages in Guam. Trolleys connect hotels and shopping centers.

By Rental Car: Car rentals are available through most major companies and can be arranged at offices throughout the island including the airport and hotel lobbies. An international driving permit or a US license is required. It is highly recommended to rent a car because public transportation is not that great. Though the island is small, the landscape is quite hilly and everything is spread apart so walking or biking is not the best way to get around and see the sights.

By Taxi: Taxis are available near major shopping centers and at hotels. Fares are metered.

What is the currency of Guam?

The currency in Guam is the US dollar. Aside from the US dollar, no other currency is officially accepted in Guam.

Do people speak English in Guam?

English is widely spoken throughout the island. Some particularly older residents, who lived in Guam during the World War II period of Japanese occupation, speak Japanese; and people continue to speak their own Chamorro language.