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Renting your own car in Hawaii gives you the freedom and flexibility to see the beautiful topography of the islands. Driving through the stunning scenery on these islands can be one of the most fulfilling driving experiences. Driving yourself around here opens up opportunities to visit unique destinations and enjoy the laid-back island lifestyle.

The Hawaiian islands provide some diverse panoramas, visitors can drive from the alluring beaches through the sprawling valleys and up the magnificent mountains to reach breathtaking lookout points, all in one day. Self-drives can be one of the most relaxing ways to tour the Hawaiian islands, with scenic roads that travel through hilly and winding mountainous terrain.

A few things to remember driving in Hawaii, everyone drives slow on the island roads, 65 mph is considered fast and the locals do not like fast and reckless drivers. In Hawaii they use the horn to say hello, they are not used to sound off in protest. Do not make sudden U-turns on the roads in Hawaii this can be dangerous.