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The 'real' Ireland is one of twisting country lanes. Driving on these lanes can be a pleasure with scenic treasures around every corner. Renting a car in Ireland is the only reasonable way you`re going be able to see the out-of-the way castles, abbeys and other bits of antiquity. It also allows you to travel as the wind may take you and find quaint villages off the tourist path. There are many beautiful ancient graveyards, dolmens, prehistoric sites and chapels away from the main roads and the locals will always be gracious enough to tell you about them if you ask. The Irish are kind to strangers, so you will be treated well wherever you go.

Driving in Ireland can be a bit of the challenge for those not accustomed to driving on the left. Not to mention, narrow winding roads, rain, mist and fog, sheep and cows, roundabouts, and the dreaded loose chippings. But once you remember to stay on the left and master the roundabouts, driving in Ireland is basically wonderful! Car travel in Ireland isn`t fast. Plan your itinerary estimating an average speed of 40 mph (1 km per minute). Give your itinerary a reality check by finding distances and driving times between towns online.

The special pleasures of a driving holiday in Ireland, everyone agrees, are the traffic-free roads and the uncompetitive, easy driving style of Irish motorists. Away from main the main urban areas, compared with the rest of Europe the island`s highways and byways are still delightfully uncongested. Driving along the open road, you look in the mirror and there`s not another car in sight, and nothing coming the other way. That`s the moment you start relaxing and tune to a gentler pace of life.
Unfortunately, the bus system leaves something to be desired and train tickets are quite expensive.