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Rosebank is an affluent neighborhood situated to the north of downtown Johannesburg, a multi-cultural business district. This is one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in the city with several high-end shopping malls including The Zone@Rosebank, where a large shopping mall and movie theater are located. The streets here are lined with acacia trees, outdoor cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries.

The area also boasts a happening nightlife scene with bars and nightclubs found in the Design District, where popular establishments like the Marble Restaurant, The Bank and Kong can be found. The neighborhood is filled with spectacular art-deco architecture with beautiful large buildings and is compact, making it a great destination to explore on foot with pedestrianized streets and walkways.

Visitors will find plenty of accommodations here including various high-end hotels as well as swanky office buildings and high-rise apartments. The Rooftop Market is held every Sunday offering hundreds of vendors selling handcrafted items, textiles, jewelry, souvenirs, and food.


Sandton is the city`s richest business district and home to some of the country`s corporate headquarters including the Sandton Convention Center and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Sandton is the shopping capital of the country where Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton City shopping mall can be found. This sophisticated neighborhood, with Jacaranda tree-lined suburbs, is where the wealthy reside and many of the large internationally known five-star hotels are located. Sandton Central Park is a beautiful large green space decorated with beautiful vibrant gardens and an amphitheater.

The name Sandton comes from two of its suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston, where visitors can indulge in high-end shopping, fine dining, and upscale nightlife. New construction in the neighborhood will bring Manhattan-style living to the city with the 460 foot tall Michelangelo Towers apartment block and the Leonardo with 42 floors which could reach a height of 656 feet tall.