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The Amazon: Point of Interest Map
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The Amazon

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Machu Picchu remains one of the premier archaeological sites in the world and serves as a vivid reminder of the Incan Empire, its imagination, and magnificence. The citadel is surrounded by iconic Andean peaks, and includes temples, residences, fountains, and hundreds of cascading steps.
The Galapagos Islands are located six hundred miles west of the Ecuadorian coastline. Its wonders span from the most varied and incredible geological formations: lava flows, blowholes, spatter cones, lava tunnels, beaches, and the most diverse species of vegetation.
The breathtaking Patagonia Region is shared by Argentina and Chile and runs from the coasts of the Pacific Ocean towards the Atlantic Ocean brimming with awe-inspiring glaciers and fjords.

Declared in 2011 as one of the `New 7 Wonders of Nature`, The Amazon, also called the Amazon Rainforest or Amazon Jungle covers parts of Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. So large that it accounts for over half of the world`s remaining rainforest, the Amazon is the greatest collection of worldwide biodiversity.

Tambopata Reserve - Machu Picchu - Lake Titicaca
More details
Tambopata, Cuzco and Machu Picchu with Inkaterra
8 nights from $2,045*
Tambopata Reserve - Cuzco
7 nights from $1,348*
Tambopata Reserve - Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
More details
Tambopata - Machu Picchu - Titicaca - Colca Canyon
15 nights from $2,914*
Amazon Cruise (MV Aqua Expeditions) - Cuzco
More details
Amazon Cruise (MV Delfin II) - Machu Picchu
More details
Amazon Cruise (M/V Delfin II) - Cuzco
9 nights from $7,264*
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Lodge
7 nights from $2,887*
Amazon Lodge - Salvador da Bahia - Rio de Janeiro
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Ouro Preto - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge
8 nights from $1,728*
Amazon Lodge - Sao Paulo - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iberostar Amazon Cruise
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iberostar Amazon Cruise - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Lodge - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iguassu Falls - Amazon Clipper Cruise - Salvador da Bahia
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Ouro Preto - Salvador da Bahia - Amazon Clipper Cruise
More details
Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Pantanal - Amazon Lodge
More details
Quito and The Amazon
More details
Bogota and Leticia Amazon
6 nights from $1,149*
Bogota - Leticia Amazon - Cartagena
6 nights from $1,287*
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