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Navigating the Patagonia and exploring more than what is commonly visited in this beautiful region could be one of the most exciting adventures in your life. Aboard the Australis ships, you will cruise between Argentina and Chile for 3 or 4 nights through the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel along glaciers, bays and fjords, discovered and explored in the 16th century. You will reach the southernmost tip of the Americas: Tierra del Fuego. Aboard the Skorpios, you will experience a Chile Only route that will bring you closer to the Chilean Patagonia.
Skorpios III
Chile - Puerto Natales - Tour to Grey Glacier
Constructed in 1995, and refurbished in 2007, the Skorpios III is a 90 passenger expedition vessel, operating in the southern ice field of Chile's Patagonia region. The ship features the most advanced telecommunication technology and satellite navigation, ensuring a safe journey as you visit the most renowned glaciers of the area and cruise through narrow channels and towering fjords. On board, the well-appointed cabins, modern en suite bathrooms throughout, and spacious public areas provide a warm and relaxing ambiance, while an experienced crew attends to your every need.
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Ship Itineraries, departure dates and more:
  Skorpios III - Kaweskar Explorer Route
  Ship Overview
This trip is highlighted by spending a day touring the Pia Glacier and Glacier Alley. You also don't want to miss having an opportunity to tour the Cape Horn National Park during the cruise.
The Skorpios III can hold up to 110 passengers in 45 comfortable cabins, all distributed in 5 decks. On board the MV Skorpios III, personnel with experience in gastronomy will delight the passengers with the best gastronomy of the Patagonia, carefully selecting the most exclusive products all prepared according to the culinary tradition of the Skorpios all accompanied with a vast variety of fine Chilean wines that have been exclusively selected for the route, as well as an Open Bar Service, without additional cost. Besides this, the Zeus bar and Apollo Lounge provide a warm ambient to share with your travelling companions.

All cabins are equipped with low beds, luxurious private bathrooms, complimentary minibar, multifunctional communications system, two music, TV & video channels with stereo sound, magnetic keys, security box; perfect for providing the the level of comfort that the most demanding travelers require.

Boat Type: Motor Vessel
Lenght: 70 metres
Width: 10 metres
Decks: 5 decks
Passenger Capacity: 110
Crew: 34
Electricity: 110 - 220 volts down transformers available on board for use with domestic appliances.
Safety: SOLAS and MARPOL certified
-Bar (always open, no additional cost)
-Game room and reading room
-Zeus bar and Apollo Lounge, smoking and no smoking
-Dining Room
-Panoramic Open Deck
-First-aid room
-Panoramic Open Deck
-Satellite phone access
Double Twin Cabins: Twin beds. With or without window. Category: Atenas, Acropolis, Parthenon decks.
Double Matrimonial Cabins: Queen Size bed. With window. Category: Olympo and Athos decks.
Triple Cabins: Two Queen size bed with or without window. Category : Atenas, Acropolis, Parthenon decks.
Suite Junior Cabins: Cabin with Queen Size bed and window. Luxury Suite. Category : Olympo deck.
Suite Cabins: Cabin with King Size bed and Window. Luxury Suite. Category : Olympo deck.
Single Cabins: Twin or double bed. Category: Athenas deck.
M/V Ventus or Stella Australis
Argentina - Ushuaia - Sea Lions
Australis is a Chilean award winning company with 27 years experience in operating expedition cruises and two-time award-winner in the Best Small Ship Ocean Cruises by Travel plus Leisure, is purposely built to take guests to The Uttermost End of the World. Specializes in cruises in the remote, pristine waterways of Patagonia. First class cruises at Australis boasts two twin vessels, Stella and Ventus, both specially designed to navigate across the narrowest channels and fjords where no other cruise can venture.
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  Santiago - Easter Island - Patagonia Cruise - Buenos Aires
Ship Itineraries, departure dates and more:
  Ushuaia/MV Ventus or Stella Australis
  Ship Overview
This trip is highlighted by spending a day touring the Pia Glacier and Glacier Alley. You also don't want to miss having an opportunity to tour the Cape Horn National Park during the cruise.
This first-class cruise was specially designed to sail through rugged Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The Stella Australis can hold up to 210 passengers while offering 100 comfortable cabins featuring large windows. With three lounges for meetings equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, a dining room, an exercise room, and a spacious open deck area allowing the observation of the marvelous southern scenery at all times, the Via Australis allows each tourist to have the best travel experience possible. The Stella Australis offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Open Bar for wine, beer, liquor and other beverages. The menu combines international cuisine and local recipes, which allows the discovery of the delicious and varied regional gastronomy, accompanied by Chilean and Argentine wines. The trip includes daily excursions in Zodiac boats, directed by the multilingual expedition team, complemented by cultural lectures about the natural surroundings.

Each cabin is equiped with picture windows, independent climate control, a private bathroom. All cabins measure 177 sqft.

Boat Type: Motor Vessel
Lenght: 89 metres (292 feet)
Width: 14.6 metres (48 feet)
Decks: 5 decks
Passenger Capacity: 210
Crew: 62
Electricity: 110 - 220 volts / 50 Hz. US two falt pin socket
Safety: SOLAS and MARPOL certified
-Dining room with panoramic views
-Lounges with panoramic views
-Full service bars, Library
-Game Room
-Doctor on board
-First-aid room
-Panoramic Open Deck
-Reception Lounge and Shop
-Exercise Room
-Satellite phone access
B Cabins: 3 cabins Magallanes Deck, 16.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone
A Cabins: 34 cabins Magallanes Deck, 16.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone.
AA Cabins: 36 cabins Terra Del Fuego Deck, 16.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone.
AA Superior Cabins: 2 cabins Terra Del Fuego Deck, 20.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone.
AAA Cabins: Cabo de Hornos Deck, 16.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone.
AAA Superior Cabins: Cabo de Hornos Deck, 20.5 m2. Private facilities, picture window, climate control, satellite phone.
Single Cabins: Single rate applies in B or A category.

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