Getting Around In Peru
Most visitors to Peru arrive at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, which serves as the central hub for flights between Europe, North America and the Andean countries, and a connecting point for the rest of this extraordinary country. Peru is a very large country, and the majority of the most popular destinations can be reached by air, or by a combination of air and overland. There are a few exception, most notably the Amazon River (Iquitos) which can be reached only by air since there are no access roads into the region. The following information is designed to help you make transportation choices that are best suited to your vacation plans, and personal preferences.

Air Travel
Many of Peru's most popular destinations have local airports, and are serviced primarily by two airlines, Taca, and LAN Peru. There are direct flights to certain locations but domestic flights may also connect in in Lima, or Cuzco. A list of direct flights is provided below, and given the size of this country, and the driving conditions flying significantly reduces travel time, and is recommended whenever possible.
Peru Airports:
City Airport Code Type
Areqipa Rodríguez Ballón International Airport AQP International
Cuzco Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport CUZ International
Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport LIM International
Iquitos Crnl. FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport IQT
Juliaca/ Puno Inca Manco Cápac International Airport JUL
Puerto Maldonado/ Tambopata Padre Aldamiz International Airport PEM
Direct Flights:
From: To:
Lake Titicaca/Puno, 1stop to Cuzco
Cuzco Lima, Lake Titicaca/Puno, Tambopata
Juliaca/ Lake Titicaca-Puno Cuzco, Arequipa, Lima (Some non-stop, most 1 stop)
All domestic airports non-stop except: Tambopata (1 stop), Juliaca/Lake Titicaca-Puno (mostly 1stop)
Pto. Maldenado/ Tambopata Cuzco, Lima (1 stop)

Ground Transportation
Ground transportation in Peru is most often used for hotel and airport transfers, or for pre-arranged excursions. However there are certain destinations that are not accessible directly by air. They are:
Colca Canyon: is reachable from Arequpa: The approximately 100 mile drive is typically included in the hotel price and may be shared transpot. Private transport is also available.
Nazca Lines/Paracas. Ground service is typically a 2 1/2 hour drive to Paracas, by private transport. Overflights :o view the lines are from the airfield in Paracas.
Sacred Valley: 1 Hour drive from Cuzco.
Most ground transfers and excursions in Peru are by private transport. An explanation of ground services follows.
Private Transfer:
When transferring to and from the airport , or when driving to destinations that are only accesible by ground, the best way to avoid stressful situations, and insure that you maximize the use of your vacation time, is with an experienced driver in a private car reserved exclusively for your party. In the booking process you may also also have the option to choose an English speaking guide, otherwise qualified Spanish speaking drivers are provided. Vehicles are modern and comfortable, and are typically equipped with air conditioning and internal radio communications. This is the only method of transfer we can recommend in Peru, with the exception the shared transfer included in hotel reservations for Colca Canyon. See Details
Shared Travel:
This option is only available in Peru for Colca Canyon, when it is included in the hotel rate because this methood of transport can involve multiple stops, and we cannot guarantee your comfort, or possible inconvenience to your party.

Train Transportation
Machu Picchu: There are three classes of train service to the most famous and breathtaking of all Inca Ruins. <Train Details>
Cuzco to Puno: This is a memorable 10 hour train ride available certain days. <Train Details>

Boat Transportation
Tambopata: After arriving at the Puerto Maldonado a ground and boat transfer is required, and may be included in Hotel Rate.
Suasi Island: Can only be reached by boat from Puno. Included in hotel rate.