Lima has evolved into a modern, and sophisticated 21st-century metropolis, while still retaining its classic colonial architecture, pre-Colombian archaeological sites, and historic museums, churches and cathedrals. The cliffs of trendy Miraflores, the beachfronts of Costa Verde and Barranco, and the trendy boutiques, massive shopping plazas, and exclusive upscale shops featuring creations by legendary Peruvian artisans, are alive with swarms of travelers and "Limeños" alike. The public squares and the wonderful architecture that line them are major attractions for visitors to Lima. Some of the most popular include Plaza Bolivar, Plaza Italia, and of course the Plaza de Armas. Visitors are often seen strolling along 'El Malecon' a city walk featuring a masterfully crafted mosaic floor, or enjoying the breathtaking panoramas of the magical Alameda Chabuca Granda viewpoint.
A great city for history enthusiasts, Lima boasts excellent museums like the National Museum of Anthropology, the Museo de Arte de Lima, the Gold Museum, and iconoc religious landmarks from the pre-Colombian Huaca Huallamarca temple and the Huaca Pullana site, to Colonial Basilica Cathedral (La Catedral), and the Cerro San Cristobal - an enormous hilltop cross which overlooks the Rimac River and can be seen from all over Lima.
Other nearby archaeological sites worth visiting include the ruins of Pachacamac, the Puruchuco site, with 2000 recently discovered mummies , and the gigantic ruins of Cajamarquilla, just outside the Lima city limits
Lima is the center of the gastronomic universe in all of South American, and the cuisine here is as varied as its people, and has been shaped by every stage of its complex history, and diverse immigrant populations from Spain, China, Italy, West Africa, and Japan. A vast array of styles both classic and fusion cuisine can be sampled in the fine restaurants of Mira Flores, and in Barranco, where you'll find many of Lima's hot bars and clubs. Music is a common as breathing in Lima and great places to enjoy Peru's eclectic musical styles. <Lima Cuisine>
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Whatever your interests, Lima is a great place to visit, whether to explore in depth, or as a stopover en route to other destinations, you can't help but be impressed by the variety of activities, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and vibrant people of this great city. Since most international flights arrive and depart here, you'll find Lima is easy to combined with most of Peru's spectacular destinations. For itinerary ideas that can be customized to your personal vacation preferences try Latin Destinations Featured Itineraries.