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Argentina Overview
Argentina is a country of spectacular natural wonders and vibrant culture, offering the traveler an opportunity to experience extraordinary outdoor adventures, fascinating wildlife, delectable cuisine, magnificent vineyards, and one of the most dynamic and sophisticated cities anywhere in the world.
From the sub-tropical Northern flats, with the beautiful colonial city of Salta, to the remarkably fertile planes of the Pampas region, and the wine producing area of Mendoza, this country abounds with natural beauty and grace. The name Argentina is itself derived from the Latin, 'argentum', which means silver, and it is easy to see why the Spaniards were so drawn to the 'Rio de la Plata' or the River of Silver, as the original colony was called. Spanish roots are still very strong here, and even today Buenos Aires feels much like a cosmopolitan European City, and is well known for its architecture, restaurants, great shopping, and exciting nightlife.
But when all is said and done, most people who come to Argentina want to witness the majesty of its natural wonders: The miracle of Iquazu Falls, the breathtaking beauty of the Patagonia Region and the Andean Mountain Range, and the unique environment of the Tierra del Fuego, where Ushuaia, the world's southern most city, sits in Antarctica's icy shadow, but is somehow protected from its frigid climate by the grace of the nearby mountains and the warm ocean currents.
With the highest mountain in the western hemisphere (Mount Aconcagua 22,841 ft), the magnificence of Bariloche, and the simply indescribable El Calafate-Lago, and El Chalten-Fitz Roy, southwestern Argentina is a compelling destination for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from casual hikers and campers to the world's most seasoned climbers, and the ski season here is opposite to that of North America and Europe, making it possible to spend summer vacations on the awesome Patagonian slopes. These mountains have a majesty and elegance that is difficult to express in words, with outdoor activities that range from recreational to life defining adventures.
There are many great destinations in Latin America, but there is only one Peru, and a vacation here is an experience that will continue to resonate in your memory long after the Incan sun sets on your Peruvian vacation.
The hotel facilities in Argentina are constructed and operated to insure your comfort, and to maximize your experience of each respective region. From the mountain lodges of Southern Patagonia, to the fabulous luxury of our preferred Buenos Aires and Mendoza properties. Accommodations here will satisfy even the most discerning traveler.
Argentina is a country that combines vast natural resources with a well developed sense of classic Spanish culture. The National Parks, monuments, and reserves are treasured and protected with great vigilance. The magnificence of this country, which is reflected in the pride of its people, makes Argentina an extraordinarily beautiful and unforgettable destination.
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