Brazil Weather
Brazil is a vast country with many different geographical classifications, elevations and air masses that result in a wide range of climates and micro-climates. Although 90 percent of the country is within the tropical zone, the climate of Brazil varies considerably from the mostly tropical North to the temperate zones in the south. Brazil has five climatic regions--equatorial, tropical, semiarid, highland tropical, and subtropical.
Temperatures along the equator average in excess of 78°F, but do not reach the summer extremes of the temperate zones which can exceed 100°F during the hottest months. Beach destinations like Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador Bahia, on the north eastern coast, have hot and sunny climates, but enjoy delightful trade winds that help to temper the heat, while further inland São Paulo, and Belo Horizonte experience more moderate temperatures due to the higher altitudes (approx. 3000ft) and usually average in the low to mid 70°F range. The south of Brazil is generally subtropical with climates similar to parts of the United States and Europe, where temperatures are warm in summer, and can fall below freezing in winter.
Although most of Brazil has moderate precipitation (40-60 inches/year) with most of the rain falling in the summer months, the Amazon region is notoriously humid, with rainfall that can reach well over 100 inches per year, but also has a 3-5 month dry season. The Northeast is semiarid and quite dry, with scarce rainfall and Brazil's hottest temperatures. Most of the Center-West, and coastal regions north of Salvador Bahia receive 60-80 inches of rain per year, with a pronounced dry season in the middle of the year.
Keep in mind that the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite of those in North America, and because of the extensive climate variations in Brazil, one should always consider the time of year you plan to travel, as well as the local weather conditions in the destinations you expect to visit.
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