Peru: Tourism is growing in Peru at a faster rate than in any other South American country, and it's easy to see why. Here in the cradle of Pre-Colombian civilization, more than 10,000 years of human culture survives in the spirit of the Peruvian people, and in its incomparable wealth of archaeological treasures, natural wonders, and extraordinary destinations.
One of the world's most beautiful and exciting eco destinations, Peru possesses magnificent Andean peaks, Lake Titicaca, (the highest navigable body of water in the world), the steaming elegance the Amazon River basin, the white waters of the Sacred Valley, and the spectacular wildlife of the Paracas National Reserve. Peru is a veritable utopia for outdoor enthusiasts, and because its cultural roots run so deep, there is a unique blending of nature and human history. This is a theme that permeates Incan culture, and can still be experienced today when hiking the Inca trail, visiting Machu Picchu, or shopping at the Pisac Market.
Music and Dance are intertwined with daily life here, and are a part of the nation's collective soul that expresses the diversity of its cultural backgrounds. With a wealth of Andean, Spanish, and African influences the traditional styles of Huayno, Marinero, Cumbia, and the well known pan pipe tinged music of the Andes. Traditional music is alive in the cafes and clubs, and in the streets, while modern musicians fuse contemporary rock, dance and world music into complex hybrids of old and new.
Peru offers travelers a full range of accommodations with gracious properties, and luxury services, harmonious jungle lodges, colonial mansions, and even a private Island on Lake Titicaca. In addition to Lima's upscale boutiques, shopping in Peru includes a wide variety of local crafts including works by some of the worlds most skillful silver and goldsmiths, distinctive textiles, and a variety of indigenous musical instruments and sculpted wood products.
There are many great destinations in Latin America, but there is only one Peru, and a vacation here is an experience that will continue to resonate in your memory long after the Incan sun sets on your Peruvian vacation.