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Chile is a long and very narrow country of towering volcanic peaks, the world's most arid desert, millennial forests, and other worldly glacial accumulations. It is also one of South America's friendliest countries. The Chilean people come from of a wide range of ethnicities and cultures with Indigenous, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Croatian, and Arabian, backgrounds.
Chile shares borders with Peru, and Bolivia to the north, Argentina to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The northern region of the country has broad sandy beaches, parched deserts and Andean peaks, with salt flats, archaeological sites, and the world's highest volcano.
The central area of the country is greener, and is home to Santiago Chile's most sophisticated urban complex as well as its considerable agricultural sector which produces renowned wines and luscious fruit and vegetables. The area is also known for its rodeos, great mountain-climbing, colonial architecture, and some of the continents best skiing.
The South features scenic towns and villages that host travelers that flock here to visit the snow-capped volcanoes, thermal hot springs, ancient forests, beautiful fjords, and Patagonia’s unique biodiversity. This is also the gateway to Cape Horn and beyond to Chile's Antarctic wilderness, a magical habitat for penguins, whales and some very hearty families and daring scientists.
Finally, in a world of its own is the mysterious and enchanting Easter Island with its gigantic pre-historic sculptures, the legacy of a Polynesian civilization that disappeared sometime after the arrival of Europeans. Known best for the nearly 900 mammoth statues that line the island's coast, Easter Island continues to fascinate.
Chile provides an astounding range of opportunities for travelers, and though early all visitors will spend some time exploring Santiago, this country is a treasure trove of extraordinary destinations from the stunning landscapes and massive volcanoes of Atacama to the exquisite Lake District, the splendor of Patagonia and Torres del Paine, to Punta Arenas, the Magellan Straits, and the mystery of Easter Island.
A vacation in Chile combines the welcoming warmth of its friendly people, the sophistication of one of the world's most scenic and cosmopolitan cities, and some of the world's most stunningly beautiful destinations for nature enthusiasts, eco tourists, oenophiles, skiers, and lovers of life. Accommodations here are designed to enhance the many wonderful assets of the country in comfort and elegance, and our flexible itineraries can help you experience the best Chile has to offer.

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