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Ecuador Useful Information
Although Ecuador continues to produce centavo coins the US dollar is its official currency and the centavo denominations are identical in size and value to the US cent.  US $1 coins are very popular.  It can be difficult to change bills over $20, except in banks, so exchange when you can, and  keep as much change as possible.
Credit cards are widely accepted in large cities in restaurants, hotels, and stores. ATMs are also widely available  but fees may apply.
Always advise your credit card issuers when you intend to use your cards abroad. Traveler's checks are always a safe way to carry money when traveling internationally, but you will pay a higher commission.  Always bring some cash and credit cards.
Entry/ Departure
Safety and Security:
No specific immunizations are required for entry to Ecuador, but Yellow Fever and other vaccinations are  recommended when traveling to the Amazon region, so always consult your physician or health practitioner about recommended procedures or immunizations, before traveling to foreign countries.
Time Zone:
The time in Ecuador is  -5 hours (UTC/GMT) or the same as New York (EST).  Current Time in Ecuador
Please note  however, that Ecuador does not recognize Daylight Saving Time (DST). It will therefore be one hour later during daylight savings in the US, which is typically from March-November.
120 V / 127 V 50 Hz. Outlets are often a combination of Type A, and Type C, and can accept either plug.