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How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, previously known as the Lombok International Airport is the main airport is located near the city of Praya in central south Lombok. The airport is around 30 minutes away from Kuta Beach, 25 miles south of Mataram and 34 miles (1 hour) southeast of Senggigi, there are daily flights to Lombok from major Indonesian destinations and other International locations.

If you have not booked a private transfer through us then you have a few options including taxis, motorbike taxis, buses and rental cars to get you to the city center.

What types of transportation can I find at the airport?

There are public bus services (DAMRI) from the airport to Mataram and Senggigi that cost between Rp225,000-335,000, a transfer at Mandalika Bus Terminal. There is a new link road that connects the airport to Mataram. The bus counter is located at the far end of the terminal, where travelers will find information on departure times and ticket prices.

There are three taxi companies offering taxi services from the airport to Lombok. Bluebird Taxi, Airport Taksi, and Express Taxi. There is an airport taxi surcharge of Rp4,000, a ticket has to be purchased by travelers taking a taxi from the airport. The taxi ranks are found outside the terminal building. Taxis are metered and will cost approximately Rp200,000-250,000 to reach Lombok.

How do I get around the city using public transportation?

The main forms of public transportation in Lombok are Bemo`s (minibusses), motorcycle taxis and horse-drawn carriages. Bemos are the main means of getting around the town during the daytime, they can be found along the streets and hailed from the street and run around Rp4,500-5,500 per person for a short ride.

Ojeks are motorbike taxis that run around town with prices starting around Rp5,000 for a short ride, Rp10,000 for a few miles and Rp 20,000 for longer trips. They can also be rented for the day costing around Rp40,000

`Cidomo` or horse-drawn carriages are a common way to travel around Lombok for short rides. Prices are around Rp10,000 max for a short journey.

Should I rent a car while in Lombok?

Renting a car is a great idea when visiting Lombok, especially if you plan to do some traveling around. There are plenty of places in the area to rent cars, and having your vehicle gives you the freedom and ability to explore the island.

Should I rent a Motorbike in Lombok?

Renting a motorbike when visiting Lombok is a great way to get around and see the different sights and visit the beaches. They can be rented all over for around Rp50,000 for the day. Be sure to wear a helmet and drive with caution and don`t drive at night.

How do I call/hail a taxi?

The two main taxis companies that run on the island are Bluebird Lombok Taksi tel. 62-370-627-000 and Express Taksi tel. 62-370-635-968. It is best to call and order a taxis by phone as they travel all over, the initial fare is around Rp4,250 and all taxis are metered. You can hail a taxi from the street, Bluebird vehicles are light blue and Express vehicles are white.

How do I get around by boat in Lombok?

There are many options for taking a boat ride in Lombok including `perahu` which are traditional wooden fishing boats that ply the waters. These types of boats can be chartered right on the beaches of Lombok. There is a public ferry that travels between Padangbai (Bali) and Lembar in Lombok several times a day, the trip is 5 hours long and motorbikes and cars can be taken on board. There are fast boat services to the magical Gili Islands and other offshore destinations, Blue Water Safari Express is one of the fast boat companies. Other tours such as fishing charters and snorkeling trips can be arranged with different operators in Lombok, there is so much to see and do on the beautiful waters.

Can I ride a bike in Lombok?

Riding a bicycle around the towns and beaches in Lombok is possible and provides cyclists with great views of the island and a feel for the island life. Bikes can be hired from different tour operators and bike shops in Lombok. Be careful cycling on the roads, some are not in great condition and there can be large potholes and other hazards. Also, don`t attempt to ride a bike after dusk due to hazardous road conditions. There is a bicycle tour operator found in Senggigi, and many hotels and guesthouses have bikes available for their guests to use.

Is Lombok a walking city?

Walking around the island of Lombok is a great way to visit the beaches and towns that connect along the coast along with exploring different restaurants, shops, and markets along the way. The tourist hub of Senggigi is dotted with many different hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops that are worth exploring and the location of some of the most beautiful beaches. Mataram is another lively tourist area on the island where visitors can find shopping malls and other attractions and historic sites that can be explored on foot.

Hiking in Lombok is possible with its lush mountains interior. The island is mostly made up of mountainous and volcanic terrain, including the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The 3 days trek up Mount Gunung Rinjani with the Segara Anak Lake, which sits inside the crater is well worth the journey. The picturesque landscapes and the breathtaking views from the summit are simply beautiful and make for an excellent trip. The mountain can be climbed in 7 hours (depending on your fitness level) through lush dense rainforest terrain to the crater`s edge with views of the lake, tours will camp overnight here and enjoy dinner and a magical viewing spot for sunset and sunrise.

Is Lombok a dangerous city, is there anything I should be aware of?

Lombok is generally a safe destination, but travelers should use common sense and caution. Keep your belongings secure when out and about as female travelers have been the targets of theft in the past with thieves riding past on motorcycles and stealing purses. Be careful of petty crimes like pickpockets, who tend to target tourists. Be mindful when walking around and crossing all roads as traffic is probably your greatest danger in some areas.

What are some popular areas for shopping?

The island of Lombok offers visitors many unique shopping locations including shopping malls, markets, and local authentic shops. The Epicentrum Mall in Mataram was built in 2016 features familiar places like the Body Shop, Starbucks and Burger King along with other well known retail stores and a movie theatre. The Mataram Mall in Mataram is somewhat like an indoor market place with KFC and McDonalds for food outlets, there are other items for sale including produce and souvenirs.

The top three crafts produced in Lombok are textiles, basket weaving, and pottery. Visiting the Sukara traditional weaving village is a great place to pick up some unique items that are made by `ikat` a style of weaving which uses binding and a dying process to make sarongs, shirts, and dresses. Pringgasela is another quaint village worth visiting for other weaving products

Jewelry and Pearls are other items that can be found in abundance on the island. Rosier Gold and Silver is a custom made jewelry shop found on Jalan Raya Senggigi road offering high-quality pieces of jewelry. The island is well known for producing fresh and saltwater pearls, you can purchase them at many different shops and from vendors who walk up and down the beaches. There are around 15 pearl companies dotted around the island, including the House of Pearls located in Senggigi Plaza, a great gift to pick up while visiting for a low cost and they are great quality pearls.

What beaches should I visit in Lombok?

The island is dotted with many beautiful beaches and making your way around to a few of them when visiting the island will give you a glimpse at your piece of paradise. Senggigi is situated on the west coast of the island is one of the main tourist hubs on Lombok. Senggigi beach stretches for just over 6 miles and is lined by beach resorts and beachside restaurants and bars. This is a great location to catch a colorful sunset and enjoy a beachside dining experience.

Bukit Merese is a famous spot for sunset located on a hill near Kuta, the location can be reached via a boat ride from near the shore at Bukit Merese or a walk uphill, which takes around an hour.

The gorgeous Gili Islands are three sister islands situated just off the coast of Lombok. A renowned destination for diving, partying and everything else expected on an island getaway. The beaches a simply breathtaking with soft white sands lapped by crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Gili Islands are also known as the `turtle capital of the world` and there are many watersport activities offered in abundance around the island.

Kuta is another beautiful beach located on Lombok featuring pearly white sands and home to Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung beaches both located less than 30 minutes from downtown Kuta. Selong Blanak is another idyllic location with a breathtaking beach scene. Sire Beach is lined by coconut palms with hammocks tied between them.

Where can I go snorkeling in Lombok?

Gili Island boasts some world-class diving spots with an abundance of turtles, which is why they are known as `the turtle capital of the world`. Some of the special spots to check out around the island are `Gili Kondo` with crystal clear waters, Belongas with two famed sites Magnet and Cathedrals where rays can be spotted and Gili Trawangan with plenty of turtles to see.

Where can I go surfing in Lombok?

There are a few great surfing spots to be discovered in Lombok, check out Mawi Beach a very popular surfing spot in Indonesia with waves that reach from 6-12 feet in height from May through September. Belongas is a secret hideaway and a challenging surfing location with a right-hander that takes surfers to the channel. Ekas is a beautiful tropical spot featuring waves for beginners and advanced surfers and great views.

What should I wear when visiting temples?

Lombok is filled with ancient temples and visitors must be dressed appropriately to enter. Most temples offer rentals of sarongs or sashes to cover up. Both men and women should have their legs covered below the knee. Tops exposing bare shoulders are considered inappropriate and feet are considered to be dirty, therefore you should never point your feet toward shrines or holy objects. It is also offensive to have your head higher than the head of a priest, so be careful that you do not sit or stand in a position above a manku (priest). A woman who is menstruating or has given birth within 6 weeks may not enter the temples.

What is the best time to visit Lombok?

Lombok features a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, wet and dry, however, Lombok is one of the drier places to visit in Indonesia. The dry season is from May through September, which is a great time to travel to the island destination with sunny skies and average daily temperatures in the 80`s. July and August are the busiest months of the year with the coolest temperatures, October to March can see frequent daily showers.

What is the currency? Can I pay/tip in US dollars?

The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) abbreviated to Rp is the official currency in Lombok. The airport, local banks, and indoor ATMs at banks are the best places to exchange or withdraw your money. ATMs are risky in some places as they can be notorious for card skimming.

For more detailed information, consult our guide to tipping in Indonesia by clicking here Indonesia

[What is the food like?

The local cuisine is Lombok is quite spicy, the word `Lombok` translates to `chili pepper` in Bahasa Indonesia. Ayam Taliwang is a popular local dish that includes chicken in a rich red sauce that is flavored with galangal, turmeric, and tomatoes. Nasi Campur is a mixed rice dish that consists of rice and vegetables many times with chicken, fish or beef. Sambal is the spicy condiment served on the island made with ground red chili peppers. The island is the perfect place to dine on delicious fresh fish and seafood that is caught daily.

There are many different restaurants to enjoy on the island of Lombok including beachside locations with spectacular views of the beautiful beaches and the sea. In the popular tourist towns of Senggigi, Mataram and Kuta there is an abundance of eateries to choose from including an abundance of streetside cafes, tropical beachfront restaurants and lots of international food options like pizza and fast food. Warungs are small family-owned restaurants which are a local staple serving up a variety of delicious local food at cheap prices. The island shopping malls are usually the destination to head to if you are looking for American classics such as Mcdonalds, KFC, and Burger King.

What is the nightlife like?

There are plenty of happening establishments located on the island of Lombok to sip on tropical cocktails and party the night away. The tourist towns of Senggigi and Kuta feature numerous bars and clubs that offer drink specials and live entertainment. Beach bars are plentiful in Lombok with a laid back beach setting, sunset cocktails enjoyed on the beautiful soft white sand beaches. The Gili Islands, especially Gili Trawangan is known for its pounding party scene with beach parties running well into the wee hours of the morning.

I don`t speak Indonesian or Balinese will there be many people who speak English?

The official languages spoken in Lombok are Indonesian or Balinese. English is a widely spoken language but may be the second language. Most Balinese people are bilingual or trilingual. We recommend you get a good English-Indonesian guidebook and familiarize yourself with common phrases such as hello, goodbye, thank you, excuse me and the numbers 1 -10.

What should I do if I need medical assistance or need to go to the hospital?

In the case of an emergency dial 110 for police, 118 for an ambulance, 112 for the main emergency line and 113 for the fire department.


Harapan Keluarga Hospital tel. 62-370-617-000

North Lombok Hospital tel. 62-370-612-3010