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The quaint harbor town of Bangsal is situated on the northwestern coast of Lombok, it is the gateway to the sensational Gili Islands. This is the main arrival and departure point to the island of Lombok if arriving by boat. There is a small beach landing site that serves the public ferries to and from the idyllic island. The close by neighborhoods of Pemenang and Tanjung are where most of the accommodations can be found on this side of the coast. Bangsal is pretty small with not too many accommodations or facilities. Visitors can take an authentic `cidomo` horse cart ride around Bangsal and further to other towns.

The Tanjung area is home to the 5 star Oberoi Lombok Resort situated right on Mendana Beach providing breathtaking views of the soft golden sands the sparkling blue waters. Being located on the northwestern coast gives visitors easy access to the magnificent Mount Rinjani which offers a plethora of outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, climbing, and sparkling waterfalls. Guests can enjoy high-end cuisine at the resorts and hotels along with a wide variety of fast food options at the Mataram Mall in the main city of Lombok. Beachside restaurants and stalls are the norm offering fresh delicious authentic cuisine and freshly chopped coconuts with a straw right on the beach. The beaches here stretch for miles and the island atmosphere will melt away stress, the absolute perfect destination for a un-crowded, tropical beach vacation.


Senggigi is the main tourist developed area on the island offering visitors a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, shopping, and activities. There are hotels, villas, and resorts that cater to all tastes and budgets found in Senggigi, many with oceanfront views. Senggigi Beach is a popular location for local surfers and is filled with plenty of vendors to rent gear and buy food and refreshments. The beautiful beachfront runs for 6 miles providing visitors with ample room for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and swinging on the iconic beach swings. The surrounding scenery here is simply breathtaking with the verdant jungle backdrop and the mighty towering Mount Rinjani in the distance. Sunrise and sunsets here are gorgeous with an array of colors dancing off the ocean. There is a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars in this beachside town that offers delicious food and drinks with a laid back nightlife.