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City Center

Most sights in Lucerne, including the Old Town, are located almost in one place, within close proximity of the main railway station. In terms of location the city can be visually divided into two parts with the river Reuss and Vierwaldstattersee being the natural border. Along the river side you will see the historical part of the city, and along the lake there are more modern buildings but their architectural style is in harmony with the Old town.

The historical part of the city starts almost at the main train station, and is the best district for accommodations. The city offers hotels for all taste and budgets and almost all of them are situated in the historical part of the city, with most being located in the Old town. The Old town is compact and a pedestrian zone which means you will have to walk to you hotel from the train station, only a 10 minute walk depending on where your hotel is in the Old town. The lake, woodedn bridges, and the lion monument are all within walking distance to the Old town.


Staying outside the city center generally is within 10 - 15 minutes away from the train station, though in some cases you will have to take a bus to reach there. However, there is a distinctive charm in staying in the Old town and not having to use any public transportation, unless you plan to go up Mt. Ilatus, Mt. Rigi or would love to enjoy the lake cruise. Be sure to check with the hotels proximity to public transportation. For travelers who enjoy nature, the outskirts may be a better option.