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City Center

Medellin`s bustling city center or El Centro is filled with hotels, museums, churches, restaurants, and a great nightlife scene. Staying in the heart of the city gives visitors easy access to many of the city`s popular attractions within walking distance or a quick ride on the Medellin Metro. There are plenty of parks in the area including Botero Park filled with sculptures and the Park of Lights and the Free Medellin Walking Tour. The streets boast bustling marketplaces with historical buildings that house quaint cafes and coffee shops. There are dozens of universities in this neighborhood and the nightlife is filled with young students from all over, however, it is not recommended to roam the central streets at night, if you are out for the night to be safe and order a taxi back to your hotel.


The outskirts of Medellin are filled with wealthy neighborhoods such as El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles, and Prado. These neighborhoods rest in the Aburra Valley, surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges. Situated just west of downtown are safe neighborhoods where plenty of hotels, restaurants, shops and salsa clubs can be found along Carrera 70 in Suramericana.

El Poblado is a prestigious area of Medellin with upscale homes built in the hills surrounded by the Andes forest. The beautiful tree-lined streets in El Poblado, especially along the `Golden Mile` are known for many fine dining options, boutiques, cafes, trendy bars, and clubs.

Many of the hotels in the area can be found around the prestigious San Fernando Plaza including Sheraton Four Points Poblado Plaza and the Medellin Executive Hotel, the Santa Fe Mall and the Hard Rock Café are also located.

The wealthy neighborhood of Prado is where many of the large mansions in the city are located, big beautiful old houses fill this area.

To the west of the Medellin River, you will find the modern Laureles, Estadio and Suramericana neighborhoods. Laureles is a pleasant middle-class area where most people look to move to in the city. There is a laid back atmosphere offered here with a great nightlife scene, quaint cafes, restaurants and little bars.

Envigado is a popular neighborhood to visit; it is primarily a residential area with beautiful tree-lined streets offer a laid-back suburban feel. There are a few hotels in this area which also offers large open green spaces