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The downtown area of Pereira is beautifully decorated with colonial style architecture along with a mix of historic and modern buildings and hotels. Pereira is one of the main cities in Colombia`s coffee region set amongst coffee plantations, dense jungle, and rich valleys. The city is famous for its beautiful universities with more than a ¼ of the population being students. The ancient avenues and plazas in the city are brimming with cafes and shops as well as vibrant parks scattered throughout the downtown area.

Pereira has a European vibe and a very laid back authentic atmosphere with museums and beautiful old churches. The city offers spectacular views overlooking the rich verdant valleys filled with sprawling coffee plantations and plenty of outdoor adventure. There are markets situated in the city center along with large shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment options. Accommodations in the heart of the city provide the opportunity to walk to the main attractions and have easy access to transportation and tour operators for other activities.


There are many upscale neighborhoods situated in the outskirts of Pereira boasting high rise apartment complexes and other modern buildings and accommodations. There are tall swaying palm trees found all over Pereira, which is one of the characteristics of this area. Visitors will find modern, historic and unique accommodations on the outskirts of town with beautiful surroundings from the valleys and mountains in the region. The eastern side of Pereira offers some of the most desirable neighborhoods such as the Circunvalar area which offers many restaurants, bars and other entertainment, just a short ride away from the city center.