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This is one of the most beautiful city`s in New Zealand boasting a unique small-town charm with plenty of historic and cultural gems. The downtown area of Rotorua is compact and laid out in a grid pattern which makes it easy to navigate, the roads are pretty flat and most streets feature Maori names. The neighborhood is filled with plenty of accommodation, restaurants, bars and boutiques, as well as Fenton Street, which is referred to as motel mile. The vibrant, bustling heart of the city features `Eat Streat`, A Thursday Night Market and a Saturday morning market in Kuirau Park. The park is also home to many popular attractions such as the spectacular Government Gardens, Rotorua Museum, The Polynesian Spa and the Blue Baths thermal pools. Downtown sits on the shores of Lake

Rotorua and many of its attractions are set right on the lakeside with plenty of outdoor and water sports to enjoy. Sulfur Point and many of the area`s geothermal wonders and geysers are within walking distance of the city center. Fenton Street is the main road that runs for 2 miles from the city center to Whakarewarewa Village and is filled with plenty of shops and restaurants. Tutanekai Street is considered to be the main shopping street and `City Focus` is set in the middle of downtown.


The outskirts of Rotorua consist of acres of native Maori land including villages, lakes, forests and geothermal hotspots. These outer regions provide visitors with the perfect outdoor playground filled with world-class mountain biking, world-class river rapids, hiking, horseback riding, rocky terrain and mud pools. There is so much to explore in this area which is decorated with astounding beauty, vibrant colors, thick bushland and filled with adventure. There are a total of 14 lakes in the area, Lake Rotorua gives the city its name and is the largest of them all with Mokoia Island in the center, the lake is the base for many tours including boat rides, helicopter rides, and the amphibious tours. Whakarewarewa Forest is a spectacular area known as The Redwoods, this area covers around 14 acres of land filled with forested walkways and towering trees, a popular destination for mountain biking, hiking and walking with over 37 miles of tracks. The Maori Village of Ohinemutu sits on the shores of Lake Rotorua, Te Pui is the home to the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institue and the Pohutu Geyser, Taupo is located just south of Rotorua, a small town on the lake shores, and Sulfur Bay is a geothermal environment on the shores of Lake Rotorua with silica flats, steam vents, and mud pools. Plenty of activities can be found in these neighborhoods providing endless opportunities for visitors to discover the beauty of Rotorua.