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Day 1 in San Cristobal Island

Welcome to San Cristobal Island! Upon arrival at the airport, you will go through customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transfer to your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exit immigration. Arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do!

We recommend you get acquainted with the quaint fishing town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, which is easily accessible on foot. Wander along the cobblestone streets of the main tourist corridor where most of the town`s accommodations and activities can be found. Enjoy lunch at one of the outdoor restaurants or cafes while taking in the laid-back island vibes.

After lunch, check out some of the small shops in town where you can purchase authentic items and souvenirs to take home. Wander down to the boardwalk where more shops and souvenir stands are located. See the resident sea lions snoozing on a park bench or on the beach.

Visit the Interpretation Center where you can learn about the geological and human history of the Archipelago. The center is very interesting and delivers insight about how the islands were formed with exhibits on conservation, climate, and geology. A clear map shows all the wildlife you can find on the different islands.

Walk from the center to Cerro Tijeretas, a beautiful lookout point boasting spectacular panoramic views of Shipwreck Bay and Leon Dormido. Also known as Frigatebird Hill, you should be able to see plenty of wildlife on this walk, there are two species of frigate birds that nest in the area along with other birds and vegetation. There is a small cove here where you can swim and snorkel. From here you can watch the sunset over the sea with gorgeous views.

Head back to town where you can find a number of restaurants serving fresh local fish and seafood. Sit back and relax while enjoying a cocktail and a delicious dinner.

Day 2 in San Cristobal Island

Today take a tour out to Leon Dormido, also known as Kicker Rock, a well-known landmark situated off the west coast of San Cristobal. The two giant volcanic rocks rise 500 feet out of the Pacific Ocean, from the south side the rocks are said to look like a sleeping Lion (Leon Dormido) and from the other side like a giant sneaker (Kicker Rock). The waters around the rocks are a world class diving site where schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, marine iguanas, rays, and sharks can be seen. There is a large 60-foot deep channel that runs through the two parts of the rock. Spend your time in the water discovering the amazing underground world and the colorful sea life.

Lunch can be enjoyed on board the boat or once you get back to land at one of the beachfront restaurants in town. Your boat excursion may also take you to Isla Lobos, situated just 6 miles northeast of the main town, a beautiful little island that is home to sea lion colonies, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, and tortoises. The serene beach is perfect for soaking up the sun and cooling off in the calm tropical waters where you can enjoy some snorkeling or diving with clear visibility up to 40 feet.

After a long day on the ocean grab something to eat in town and get a restful nights sleep.

Day 3 in San Cristobal Island

San Cristobal is known for its coffee plantations, grab a hot cup of joe from one of the coffee shops in town and some breakfast to start off your day.

Head out to La Galapaguera Tortoise Habitat, situated on the east coast of the island this breeding center is a habitat for the giant Galapagos Tortoises. Visitors get to witness these giant creatures in a natural environment where they roam freely through a semi-natural habitat. The tortoise also breeds here which ensures the population from dying out, hatchlings grow to the age of 4 months here and they are released into the wild. These magnificent massive creatures can grow up to 5 feet long and weigh up to 330 lbs.

Puerto Chino Beach is located close by, a remote area providing a quiet beach where sea lions bask in the sun and blue-footed boobies are a common sight. Swim in the calm waters and do some snorkeling while enjoying a picnic on the beach.

The Crater Lagoon or El Junco Lake situated in the highlands is a popular location for bird watching. It is the only freshwater lake located on the Galapagos Islands, it is the result of a collapsed caldera from an extinct volcano. There are trails encircling the lake which provide majestic views over the island the stunning coastline.

Once back in town, take a stroll along Punta Carola Beach, a long stretch of soft white sand perfect for watching the sunset. You may catch a glimpse of the surfers catching a wave or two, this is a world class surfing hotspot.

Grab dinner at one of the local beachfront restaurants and enjoy your last evening on San Cristobal Island.

Additional Days in San Cristobal Island

Should you be able to spend additional days in San Cristobal Island take advantage of the gorgeous beaches including La Loberia, a picturesque crescent-shaped bay with a great beach with local resident sea lions (lobos marinos) gather.

Ochoa Beach is another beautiful beach with a horseshoe-shaped cove decorated with white coral sand. The beautiful shallow waters are great for swimming and snorkeling where sea lions, crabs and migrating birds can be seen.

Your Last Day in San Cristobal Island

Depart from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer to the airport if so the representative will meet you at your hotel with plenty of time to get you to the airport for your flight out.