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Town - El Centro

El Centro is the name of the main town on the idyllic San Andres Island, situated on the northern coast where almost 75% of the island`s population resides. El Centro is the location of the main airport and harbor on the island. The majority of the island`s accommodations are found in and around El Centro in the form of five-star resorts, chain hotels and the popular Decameron resorts such as Aquarium, Marazul, and Royal Decameron Isleno. The beach is within walking distance of the downtown area and the beachfront promenade is filled with restaurants, bars, and shops

Outside Urban Area

The quaint town of La Loma, also known as the `Hill` is the second largest village on the island, inhabited mostly by natives. The town is decorated by traditional island architecture and features the iconic red-roofed First Baptist Church, the oldest on the island. The streets are brimming with traditional wooden houses and other traditional architecture with great viewpoints over the rest of the island and the Caribbean Sea. There are a few quaint accommodations found in the town of La Loma which puts visitors in a quieter part of the island with local restaurants and shops within walking distance and a unique atmosphere.

The small town of Saint Louis is a tourist destination situated on the eastern coast of the island, popular for the impressive stretch of pristine white beach. There are traditional wooden houses that line the beach which runs for almost two miles and the calm transparent Caribbean waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. A few beachside hotels can be found in Saint Luis along with fine restaurants and a laid back island atmosphere.