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Santorini, though small in size, is considered to be a gastronomic destination with some of the finest restaurants and wineries throughout the country. Combined with a surreal view on the impressive Caldera, Santorini gastronomy is exceptional and slightly different than the classic Greek cuisine, since it offers local products specialties. Its local products are famous worldwide for their intense and characteristic flavor coming from the Island`s particular ecosystem and rich soil, created from volcanic explosions. The volcanic ashes which made the soil porous, humid and very fertile bring a unique flavor to the local products which stand out for their excellent quality. These products are the main ingredients of wonderful traditional and more up to date recipes. Look for the tasteful enjoyment provided by both restaurants and tavernas of the island, accompanied always with a glass of Santorini`s wine.

What To Eat

Fava dip
The Fava dip of Santorini is an exquisite Santorinian specialty prepared with a different variety of local fava bean forming a smooth paste of boiled fava lentils with onion and olive oil.

Split peas
Santorini split peas also have distinctive attributes as they become soft on their own, they have a purer aroma and they are tighter. You will find them in many recipes, along with onions, with small pieces of pork, with eggplant and tomatoes, as well as in the form of soup.

White eggplant
The white eggplant, called lefki melitzana, is a rare local Santorinian product with a unique sweet taste. Juicy and simply delicious, the white eggplant does not absorb oil and makes a delicious melitzanosalata, a white eggplant dip.

Capers, handpicked from the wild since they grow in the steep Cliffside of the Caldera, are extensively used in Santorini local cuisine, giving a particular flavor to salads and sauces. It has a characteristic sharp aroma and a spicy taste.

Santorinian cherry tomato
The Santorinian cherry tomato appears as the most famous local product in Santorini. It is a unique variety that flourishes thanks to the arid soil and dominated the islands cultivating from the 18th to the 20th century. Delicious, juicy and aromatic, its unique taste will captivate you.

Tomatokeftedes (Tomato balls)
Tomatokeftedes or tomato rissoles are tomato balls, made with the delicious local tomatoes and are usually served as a starter; order them with tzatziki, you will be delighted!

It is a type of a very tasty cucumber.

It is small, dark, with many seeds. Santorini`s watermelon stands out because of its taste.