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Driving in Switzerland is not much different from driving in any other European country. You`ll find the geographic diversity does require adapting to a range of environments, from motorways to small mountain roads and some particular road rules.

Switzerland is small with many people moving around in limited space, so traffic jams are frequent, especially in cities and on motorways. Driving too fast is sometimes not even an option, but this does lead to road rage once in a while.

Cities were built before motoring came into the occasion. Therefore, city streets can be pretty narrow and parking is limited. It can get confusing if you are not familiar with the place. Most travelers are glad when they don`t have to drive because it can get frustrating at times. To avoid city driving, use the so-called P and R (Park and Ride) - parking with access to public transportation at the city`s outskirts.

Overall, road conditions are generally well maintained, and Switzerland is amongst the countries with the least accidents. But driving in the Alps can be quite challenging. It`s pretty much going up and down and around corners all the time. Stretches of roads can be one way and not all roads are paved in an alpine setting. On the other hand, driving in the Alps can be exciting while taking in the beautiful views on the way.