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Taiwan offers visitors a subtropical monsoon climate, boasting warm weather year round as well as rain showers throughout the year. The summers can be hot and humid and the country is susceptible to Typhoons from June to September. Generally, the best time to visit Taiwan is from October to April when the weather is warm and dry (for the most part) across the country. This is the time when the popular Cherry Blossom Season begins (typically in March) which is a fantastic sight to see in the mountain town of Alishan.

Taiwan is divided into two climates, the `tropical` south and the `subtropical` north. The entire country experiences warm temperatures with humidity in the summer and both are affected by monsoons. The northeast monsoon season runs from October through March and generally affects the coastal city of Keelung as well as the northeast coast which includes Yilan and Hualien. The south-east monsoons occur from June to October and generally affects the southwest coast from Kenting to Taichung along with the central mountain ranges. Typhoons can bring along cloudy, wet and stormy weather.

The country`s capital Taipei situated in the north of the island is usually several degrees cooler than the south with average temperatures ranging between 86 - 91F with very mild and short winters when temperatures drop around 62 - 68 F. The warmer southern region of the island in the city of Kaohsiung experiences more hot and humid weather with average daily temperatures that range from 89 - 96 F in the summer and drop to around a comfortable 72F in the winter.

Overall Taiwan is an incredibly diverse country to visit offering traveler`s sun, sand, and surf at the beaches, hiking in the mountains and exploring popular attractions in the major cities. All of which boast beautiful warm weather making outdoor activities and water sports enjoyable.

The high travel season for tourists in Taiwan is July and August with high rates for travel and accommodation. This time of year also brings some of the highest temperatures and humidity and lots of crowded attractions. The Chinese New Year is also a very busy, crowded and expensive time of year to travel to Taiwan when accommodations sell out in advance.