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What is Thailand Known for?

The sunny tropical country of Thailand is known for its breathtaking beaches, idyllic islands, religious temples, fantastic food and soothing spas. From the bustling streets of Bangkok brimming with vibrant markets and a naughty nightlife to Thailand`s serene countryside dotted with verdant rice paddies and hill tribe villages you can eat noodles, curries, and fresh seafood until your heart`s content!

Relax, unwind, and feel rejuvenated at the many world-class spas found throughout Thailand and get in touch with your spiritual side at numerous wellness retreats. Snorkel and Scuba dive at hundreds of sites dotted around Thailand where vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish can be seen. Explore vast temples and ancient ruins found throughout the country with Ayutthaya and Sukhothai amongst the most famous.

Experience some of the best nightlife in the world boasting International DJ`s, soak in soaring sights while sipping cocktails at upscale sky bars, watch cabaret shows, and hit up the Full Moon Party in Ko Pha-Ngan! Shop until you drop at massive modern malls, bustling street markets, and exotic night bazaars or hop on a boat to check out the fascinating floating markets.

What are the best places to visit Thailand?

Bangkok is Thailands bustling capital, known as the City of Angels. Marvel at magnificent palaces, gleaming temples, and soak in the vibrant street life with tuk-tuks whizzing past. Bangkok is the regional center for fashion, arts, and entertainment along with delicious street food, haute cuisine, and an unforgettable nightlife scene. Phuket is known as `the pearl of the Andaman Sea` and for good reason, blanketed by idyllic white-sand beaches and tropical turquoise waters. This gorgeous island features a mountainous verdant rainforest interior dotted with enchanting temples and spectacular shrines along with scenic views with a vibrant nightlife. Chiang Mai known as the `Rose of the North` and the former seat of the Lanna Kingdom and the northern capital of Thailand. A visually striking city nestled in the lush verdant countryside with stupendous mountains and intricate temples like the elaborate Wat Phra That on Doi Suthep Mountain. Kanchanaburi is known as the `city of gold` overflowing with national parks filled with cascading waterfalls, roaring rivers, hidden caves and mountainous scenery. This area is famous for the `Death Railway` and the Bridge over the River Kwai. There are numerous outdoor activities, watersports, and endless delicious dining experiences on the river. The Phi Phi Islands are some of the most breathtaking idyllic islands in the world. An archipelago of six stunning tropical islands boasting pristine beaches and the sparkling emerald waters of the Andaman Sea. There are many adventures to enjoy on the island including world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, rock climbing and cliff jumping. Thailand`s Countryside is blanketed by lush verdant countryside dotted with rice paddies, attractive landscapes and natural environments like nowhere else in the world. Longneck hill tribe villages are located in the hills along with impressive temples. Thai countryside is a major hot spot for tourists due to its richness in greenery, huge mountainous terrains, hilly areas, and captivating forests.

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Thailand can be enjoyed year-round and features a warm tropical climate with three distinct seasons, hot, cool, and wet. The hot summer season runs from March through June when temperatures soar into the high 90`s with high humidity, and the hottest months are April and May. In Phuket, the weather is hot and humid year-round, with the hottest months being March through May. November and April are the most popular times to visit the island with a high number of travelers seeking tropical temperatures.

The country is prone to monsoons from July to October with the heaviest rainfall taking place from August to September when flash flooding is most common. The cooler winter months are from November to February which is the most pleasant time of year to visit the country. During these months temperatures hover in the mid-`80s during the day and low 70`s at night with less frequent rain.

December and January are very popular times to visit Thailand with numerous holiday festivities. People flock to this area and airline tickets and hotel prices are at their highest. The northern areas of the country such as Chiang Mai experience much colder temperatures during the winter due to their location in the mountains where frost is sometimes present. Chiang Mai`s rainy season is from May to October with warm weather and high humidity. October and November are a spectacular time to visit Chiang Mai when the hills and mountains are bright green after the rainy season.

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How many days should I spend in Thailand?

We recommend 7-10 days based on what you want to see and do. We offer flexible vacation packages so you can select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel, and activities. We suggest a minimum of 3 nights in larger cities.

What is the best way to get around Thailand?

By Plane: Flying to destinations within Thailand is a great choice with a number of budget airlines providing a quick way to get from one city to another.

What is the currency in Thailand?

The Thai Baht is the currency used in Thailand and you will need to exchange your dollars to Baht. Try to avoid major banks and popular tourist areas as you tend to get the worst exchange rates. Super Rich is the most famous money exchange company in Bangkok with several branches across the city; you must have your passport with you to exchange money in Bangkok. Tipping is not a common practice in Thailand and is not customary. There is no requirement to tip but small gratuities for great service are appreciated, and most restaurants and hotels will include a 10% service charge on your bill.

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What is the language spoken in Thailand?

The spoken language in Thailand is Thai. Most Thais in Bangkok can speak and understand English especially those working in the service industry.