Having a perfect cone-shape and clouds rolling in at the volcano's peak, the Arenal is among the world's most beautiful volcanoes. Prior to Decemeber 2010 the volcano was very much alive, as it had regular lava flows and cinder blocks tumble from its mouth. At night, visitors could witness one of nature's fiercest and most spectacular displays when sometimes, hot lava that flows from Arenal Volcano's mouth provided a striking contrast to the peaceful Costa Rican nights. Most of these go on at the Arenal Volcano's west side, as winds blow lava and cinder blocks towards this direction. Even though no lava eruptions have been recorded since December 2010; Arenal Volcano is still considered active and it is in fact the #4 most active volcano in Costa Rica. Many volcanologist believe Arenal Volcano is just in a quite period and it will again spew lava in the near future.
Across from the Arenal Volcano sits the sparkling Lake Arenal that generates 40% of Costa Rica's hydroelectric power. What makes this body of water interesting is that it is the site of the Lake Arenal Dam, Costa Rica's biggest hydroelectric project. Lake Arenal is a delight for sports fishermen and avid windsurf enthusiasts. One of the best places to go windsurfing as the breeze is very consistent, this lake transforms into a windsurfer's paradise from December to April with unbelievable views. This lake is also home to many freshwater fish including the Rainbow bass locally known as guapote that can weight up to  9 lbs.