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In the U.S. tipping is customary and expected for everything from lackluster to outstanding service. It is an etiquette that is ingrained in all trades, from wait staff at restaurants to our baristas, valets, cab drivers, porters, and many more trades.

The questions `when?` and `how much?` that surround tipping can leave some travelers confused, as the practice varies. This guide attempts to cover most situations that you, as a tourist, will encounter. Hopefully using these `tips` will provide a smooth experience when interacting with locals in restaurants, bars, hotels, tour operators, and taxis.

In Latvia, tipping is not expected in most situations, but it is appreciated.

Currency: Can I pay in U.S. dollars, or should I use the Euro?

The official currency in Latvia is the Euro. The symbol used for this currency is €, and it is abbreviated as EUR. Check OANDA for latest exchange rates (

US Dollars and other major currencies can be easily exchanged locally in banks or bureaux de change or prior to departure. Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in most of the major hotels, restaurants and shops. Use of American Express is not as common.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars: When should I tip? How much is customary?

You should check to see if service is included on the bill. If it isn’t then you should tip 10% for good service.

Tipping bartenders isn't expected, you may see a tip jar on the counter to throw change in though. If the service was really good, you can leave up to 10%.

Hotel Staff: Who should I tip?

Tipping hotel staff isn't common or expected.

Taxi Drivers: Should I tip?

Tipping a taxi driver isn't common or expected. You can round up to the nearest Euro to make things easier and it is generally appreciated.

Final Thoughts:

Tipping isn't very common in Latvia, so don't feel the need to tip while you travel around the country. As a rule of thumb, you can leave 10% if you received good service and it is always appreciated.